WANTED: Tri Specific Saddle

Good Morning :wave:t3:

After nearly 15 years of triathlon, I’ve always used a regular saddle.

I now wish to “tri” on of those two pronged perineum poking devices.

So…does anyone have an ISM or similar in their box of bits they’d like to part ways with?

Have a look at the aero thread or the position thread. A couple of people mentioned to me that they had one in the shed for sale.

Not sure if they were the double ender ones or not.

Mine was just a single. Fabric tri.

I know a guy. Quite local. He has these saddles as testers for bike fitting. Can ask if he’d do a saddle test fit at mates rates. (Remember I know how much you spend on casual shoes so mates rates still have a rate :rofl::rofl::rofl:) Or you could have a full bike fit.

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