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Armageddon by Leon Uris. Historical dramatization written in 1963 about end of WW2 and the Allied occupation of Germany up to the end of the Berlin airlift. Perfectly explains the Russian view of the West and events which have led to the current Ukraine crisis.

In another great parallel of today’s news, in 1964 in London Uris was the defendant in probably the first big media libel trial of modern times. He had written a book including a fictional account of a Polish doctor in a concentration camp who performed experiments on reproductive organs of camp inmates, but had based it on a ‘true’ story and used the actual name of the doctor involved. The doctor sued claiming some of the facts in the book were not true, such as he had only performed a few hundred such operations on unwilling victims, rather than the 17000+ stated in the book. Uris lost the case on the basis that he only managed to provide factual evidence of a few hundred procedures performed by the doctor, and had halfpence damages awarded against him, leaving the plaintiff liable for all court costs.