WC 70.3

Anybody else watching this on Ironman now?

Women making an interesting race - top 3 LCB, Knibb, Ryf
Bigish group for the Men, including Blummenfelt, Kanute, Iden


had completely forgotten it - oops

Yes watching. Big men’s Choochoo forming, with the Norwegians and Baekegard nicely whispering their way to T2 and the podium.

Women’s blown apart by LCB’s swim, think LCB, Knibb and Ryf soloing, similar paces but faster than anyone else.

Coverage is decent I think.


Yeah, nice to have Lieto on the moto…funny that Blummenfelt overheard him say he was struggling :rofl: :rofl:

Ryf taking Knibb but looks like she has slowed and LCB still going similar pace to Ryf.

Thanks will tune in :+1:

Didn’t expect Iden to bull his way to the front.

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Maybe a bit concerned with Blummenfelt’s run? Can’t see anyone else sticking with him on the run…now Bakkegard seems to be dropping back.

LCB with 3mins…should be enough if she can hold it to the end?

When did LCB switch to Cube?

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Been a while, all of this year she’s been on Cube.

Goodwin not a factor at all, sadly.

Shame about Blummenfelt’s mechanical…looks a bit sorry with the normal front wheel.

LCB with 4mins over Ryf now… :star_struck:

Not a factor at all sadly as reports of him being sick on course. I hope to find out for sure later.


Just dialled in. LCB looking pretty imperious, as does Iden!

Commentaries waxing lyrical over Knibb’s position on the bike? Eh? I know she’s really new to non drafting, and is doing amazing. But it’s like she’s sat up on a town bike.


Lovely day for it

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The other Brit girls are on the march…weather assisted!? :grin: :clap: :clap:

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Is Sam Long allowed to show so much chest area?

His zip broke in T1 don’t think he had a choice.

Expected Iden to win, but not to rip it from the front on the bike. Think he would have beaten Jan today, and now has 4 months to prep for Kona. Chapeau.


I saw it was a Brit 1-2 both female and male today at the SLT as well.

Similar to Skipper in my eyes…

…. Don’t know what it is, but immensely dislikable.

As a confession, I actually typed out but didn’t press send on this message. Long moaned on Strava, followed by “I must be mortal”.

After the Collins Cup, fairly obviously he has a lot to work on. Egotistical bell.


Only one male AGer went quicker than LCB :clap:t3:
To me, this is where the racing needs to be.


Interesting discussion on this on IM Talk recently, about how we’ve had a bit of a pause on performance gains for a while, yet suddenly, the IM pros have lifted it up a level, with for example a sub 8 no longer being a rarified beast (although for clarity, still extraordinary), and things like a sub 2:30 marathon leg potentially being within reach, and no longer a complete pipedream


Yes I remember Kienle blowing the field to pieces in the 70.3 WC as a true Uber biker, position dialled in etc. Most pro positions were awful.

Think there was a big leap with everyone following suit, now I think the leap is happening with the run. Sub 2:50 and you were golden, now it is taking sub 2:40 and as you say someone will nail a 2:30.