Wetsuits for Big Lads

My 7 year old Blue Seventy Suit has given up the ghost, its done well as really I have not looked after it that well.

So I need a new suit, but a bit concerned about fit, doing weights and functional stuff has made my shoulders grow significantly since I bought the last one.

Anyone else have a big shouldered build? The internet tells me an ORCA S7 might be the thing, but I would welcome alternative suggestions. £300ish budget.

As an ex-rower who came into triathlon after many years of doing lots of weight training, I struggled to get a good fit out of a standard wetsuit. After making do with an Orca suit for a few years, I ended up going for a made-to-measure Snugg and it was a revelation! It fitted properly all over, it was much easier to get on and off and it felt great in the water.

You probably need to stretch your budget a bit though, even for their most basic suit, but I reckon it’s worth it.


Thanks Whisk, I had not even thought of going custom. For an extra £100 or so that is probably worth it.

Im a fairly large unit, naturally broad shoulders rather than massive muscles. I have a Huub and to be honest I would not recommend it. Its a fast suit but the fit is tight. I have heard good things about Snugg although never had one. I went to a wetsuit shop and person in there said we dont sell them, but you need a Snugg. Might treat myself if I ever come out of retirement.