Weymouth 70.3 2019

Still has 100 places left :scream:

Not surprised after the weather last year.

Might be wrong but I think the swim always seems to have a bit of chop to it too

Tick’s the boxes Poet :slight_smile: but a long way (for me!). Flat run for you.


Will be over £300 now for an entry I’d imagine with the Active fee

I know :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
I like the look of it.

I only signed up for Staffs70.3 emails, but I’m getting all sorts of crap.

Haha, I’ve been looking at Dun Laoghaire but for next year, as an option for trying to qualify for the 2021 70.3 worlds, I think it will roll quite a bit.

Depends when it is though as it’s a tricky time of the year to get off work and if it’s the bank holiday weekend again prices will be expensive for ferries etc.


I did it the first IM year (when they co-ran a full distance) and the sea was fine that day. But it has had some shockers.

It definitely didn’t sell out early last year either. I was going to make a call a couple of weeks after Copenhagen, and the only reason I didn’t enter was I had a flare up in my foot. Was a bit of a blessing really with the weather, and much preferred Bahrain as an experience than doing Weymouth again (albeit it was obviously a lot more expensive overall!)

The day after last year it was completely calm, Pan flat. You couldn’t of made it up!