What does the panel think? Rear view mirrors

Is it worth getting one for training on the bike?
If so, what sort.?- .

Will you be getting the pink fluffy dice to hang from it too? If so I think it will compromise your aero gains elsewhere on the bike.

I thought I’d just hang my covid mask off it.- :wink: Not too bothered about a little bit extra drag in training. Am bothered about failing to notice someone climbing faster than I am when I’m avoiding potholes.

Can’t say I’ve ever felt like I need one personally. Listen out for cars, and a quick look over the shoulder before making any manoeuvres of any sort. I’ve always thought that they’d judder about and be difficult to see anything. Not ever tried one though.

So it’s not for spotting approaching draft marshals then? :sweat_smile:


I’m still at the point when I tend to swerve a bit when i look over my shoulder.- There are a lot of cyclists over here and some of them are a lot faster than me and don’t leave a great amount of wiggle room when they pass. - the cars are generally really patient though.

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I put a very small one on my Brompton after a few close passes on my commute.
I didn’t really like it to be honest, you’d just get a bit of a flash of something coming and, if anything, it made me more twitchy.
I would never trust it for a manoeuvre and would always look over my shoulder before turning or moving out. (On my motorbike training that called a look over the shoulder before a manoeuvre a life saver and they have much better mirrors)
It was a very small mirror, not much more than an inch square, so a big more stable one may be better.

Someone at the duathlon on Sunday did have one on the end of his right hand bar. He was going fairly slow though so wouldn’t bother a draft marshal.

mirrors are not allowed under rules, but I’d probably take a more pragmatic view based on what the participant looks like and the state of the bike! a P5, a trisuit and a mirror would not get past me… :smile:

what someone needs to develop is a link from a rear facing camera to a handlebar mounted display…oh, hang on

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He certainly wasn’t going to trouble the podium, although I think it might have been a TT bike.

It’s probably hard to notice in a sea of bikes in transition.

that’s why we check bikes on transition entry as we can pick up these issues then

I’m not sure the marshals at the weekend knew to look for them, tbf I think it’s the first I’ve seen in about 15 years!

I wasn’t planning for race days.- Just for not getting splatted on the open road.- I’d love a live feed to a tri-bar mounted phone but money is a little tight for that ( and polarised sunglasses play hell with screen visibility…)-

Hi by the way.-With that tag name, I’m pretty sure I’ve met you a few times in Doggetts back in the day…

Doggetts?? probably so - went to a couple of RW socials there. what was your RW forum name??

lp boring I know, but I only ever expected to lurk…

I did Nice with the pirates in 2008 ( and have barely been on a bike since).

Still not cheap, but having got a Garmin Varia radar, I now really miss it if I ride without it. It’s of no use in and around London, but once out on quieter roads it’s really handy to get an advanced heads up when something is coming.

Ultimately, I’d say the key question is what do you want to do with the extra information? A mirror where you can only see something a short distance back is probably not achieving much. And if a car is going to rear end you, it’s going to rear end you (fingers crossed that happens to none of us). With the radar, it just gives me a bit more time to adjust road positioning as and where required, or just pull in if easier, depending on the road

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racking my brain to remember you. female with red hair?? apologies if I’m way off beam!

Personally I’d put the money towards a super bright daytime rear LED flasher. LEDs are so good now that they can dramatically improve your visibility even in full daylight. This bit of kit is more likely to have a better impact on cyclist mortality rates than mirrors*

*Source: none whatsoever. Hearsay!

I saw an older fella at the Celtman with a helmet mounted mirror, like those tiny ones dentists use, sort of in front and to the right of his right eye. I wondered at the time how it may perform.

Probably me yes. Often with bright red or purple hair.

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