What ONE thing do you need to improve?

This might vary throughout the year, or years but if you could pick ONE thing and one thing only that is holding you back, what is it?

For me, right now it’s to lose weight. I know how to run distance, short, trail, road. I know how to ride and swim and all the other stuff.

I’m just way too heavy and that’s totally fixable :man_facepalming:


Get better parents!!


Ability to control my eating and weight.

Lowest weight in 2021 was a 75.8kg. Currently 82kg and struggling to get under 80 consistently.

  1. Stop getting older
  2. Swim
  3. Learn to count

One? Crikey, I may as well just use a lucky dip to choose :frowning_face:

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Ok, serious answer, mine is to be more consistent.

I saw this a bit in the build up to Cotswolds race earlier in the summer. Really committing to a plan & then doing the work each week. Towards the end I was seeing numbers in training that I didn’t expect to see.

And when @SidSnot has posted his Training Peaks chart- you can just see how the controlled build results in better and better fitness.

What stops me being more consistent?

  1. It’s just a nice hobby, I don’t want it taking over life.
  2. Some days CBA and want a cerveza instead, that’s normal.
  3. Job sometimes gets a little too engaging
  4. Family stuff
  5. Other stuff to get done in life
  6. Sometimes prefer just to chew the cud on TriTalk

But I think I know what I’d need to do, even if choose not to do it.


Thanks for that Fruity.

This :point_up_2:


My serious answer is strength and mobility. That’s my focus at the moment. I have some weak muscle groups and poor range of movement in my shoulders and hips affecting my form while running and swimming. I’m two weeks in and can’t say I feel that much improvement yet but early days!


Money - not in the sense of buying better kit, because at my level it’s not worth the investment, but I’d love to be able to afford a turbo, even a cheapish second hand one so I could train on the bike properly over the winter. It’s quite frustrating knowing you’ve made progress over the past 6 months but with the dark mornings and nights and crap weather coming up it’s going to be a challenge to get out very much and keep ticking over.

But probably the fixable one is confidence. It stops me getting up very early to do extra sessions in the pool, or asking the wife if I can have an entire Sunday away from the kids for a long ride, or even joining a club, because I feel, I don’t know, silly doing so? Like because I am crap, and am never going to be anything other than a hobbyist floating about near the back, it sort of holds me back pushing myself and making the time for it properly. Hard to explain, and maybe I’m just looking for excuses and what I actually am is lazy :smile:

But I think it I forced my mindset to have more belief in myself and what I want to achieve, it would make the commitment and slight selfishness you need that but easier.

I’ll stop rambling now. Oh and also a fully functioning right leg would be great at the moment, that’s 8 weeks of no running and still not getting better.


Oh yeah, that too. Can i have that one as well please?

Move to the coast.


Yep same - whilst I dab in and out of it. There’s never any consistency. Always focused on x, y, z number of SBR and the S&C session takes the hit. Needs to be the key session each week.
I’ve actually put it in my plan and have had a good couple of weeks. I always worry its going to have a negative impact on other sessions (short term) rather than looking at what its going to do for me longer term (ie not get injured).

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Likewise. Although my lack of consistency with S&C is because I simply don’t enjoy it and much prefer SBR.


Use my massage gun more.

I think I won’t - but when I actually get going (assuming I can keep actually get on with it; as our gym room seems much more prone to disturbances) - it does seem to kick the endorphins off quite quickly.
Also where every run seems to end with being miserable cause it hurts in a negative way - never feel like that after S&C - so I really should be more motivated and willing to do it.

That strava recover app (see strava thread) is really helping me with the micro rehab sessions too.

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Same as @fruit_thief consistency. I have so many fits and starts, very much all or nothing.

Need to establish a minimum baseline and build on that instead of throwing myself in fully, then checking out.

I dont really have any reason not to be, everything about my current life and setup allows me to be consistent, its just laziness really. Plus a few injury niggles which are holding me back a little


Focus, Grasshopper.


Consistency - @fruit_thief could have just written my post word for word


I had consistency nailed down for years, but you just end up in a rut :rofl:


Yeah, but you go for jogs with the dogs and family and have a pint :+1:t3:

That’s pretty bloody good :heart_eyes: :running_man:t5::guide_dog::beers:

I think we often spend too much time focussing on negative things, instead of taking stock of what we have.

Hey, I can go out on my bike if I want.
Or on Zwift.
Or for a jog.

Nobody gives a hoot if I come 87th in an Ironman, or run a certain time etc.

What they do give a crap about is my continued existence and health. So long as I can maintain that for as long as possible, I’m good brosefs :heart_eyes: