What’s that smell?

I seem to have the ability to destroy technical fabrics at a fairly rapid rate.

Run tops are the worst, usually having an odour that I can’t shift after only a few months of regular use. I wash them as per instructions, use a sports wash and I’m not someone that smells after heavy sweating.

I do sweat, a lot, always have.

Any recommendations for kit that won’t stink after a few months of regular use?


Something that annoys me too. I’ve had moderate success with dettol laundry sanitiser rather than a sports wash detergent. But tech base layers don’t tend to last me more than 2 winters and I have a few to cycle through.


I was once recommended Napisan as a way to sanitise tech t-shirts without using fabric softener. But I don’t get to try it as I would have to move out if I tried to wash my clothes without the smell of flowers.

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I wish we could resurrect TT1 just for Ttowel’s contributions to this subject on the thread “Help: smelly sweat from butt crack when running on a treadmill”. A thread which ran to about 10 pages IIRC and really ought to be framed somewhere. There was so much to love, including the fact that the OP was a new poster who appeared to have joined the forum just to ask this question, and then disappeared after getting an all-round savaging :rofl: ; dire prognostications of fatal illnesss; I think there was a suggestion that Ann Summers might have a solution too


have you tried not? On our machine the sports wash setting is limited to really low weight, and our sports wash load is typically heavier than it, and it doesn’t really clean, compared to just the long eco wash setting.


A little bit of smell doesn’t hurt - as long as the material is still doing it’s job don’t “sweat” about it.

Saying that I had to bin a pair of tri bike shoes as I could not get rid of the smell of cat’s piss they gave off - despite the fact I had never pissed in them. They truly stunk.


Pretty much all my running tops are Merino, they are not only more comfortable, I find that they smell less than technical fabric.

Luckily I have not noticed any smelly sweat from butt crack when running on a treadmill


I wouldn’t want knock anyone out at the gym with the wiff.


Sorry, I should have said I use Halo Sports Wash in the machine. I always wash kit at 40 on a normal wash setting.

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Someone recommended a scoop of bicarb in the machine. Been trying it and seems to help/


they probably won’t notice as they are probably minging as well….:rofl:

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Mrs T uses bicarbonate when washing mine (and her) trainers (but mainly for mine)

Sometimes it’s like they could walk themselves out of the door - minging

Seems to do the trick for a short while

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I think also washing in plain white vinegar is also meant to help clear odors I believe!

Never had a particularly good sense of smell so never been an issue - still running in a helly hansen thermal vest autumn onwards from 2007 - few ventilation holes now but otherwise :+1:

They’re kinda indestructible I think!

Might be one of the “original” Smelly Hansens as they were christened by the mountain community. They could stink a bit! More modern HH kit is much better.

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Too attached to it. So many miles and adventures… I have a spare - barely worn

Genuinely crying with laughter.



I’m still using the Tess base layers bought from Lewis Kit c2008.
They are still pretty much perfect and have never smelt.
Don’t think you can get them in the UK though and may have ceased trading (Tess that is).

I have used merino tops too, also very good.
I have a thick hiking one from Rohan but never wear it as it’s too hot. If you’re nesh, that would be one to consider, not cheap though.

Silver-impregnated stuff can be quite good for odour control, but I think there are now some claims that the silver can be harmful to the body biome and to aquatic life.

I’ve still got this Helly from '97 :smile:.


Stinks after walking up the stairs nowadays.