What tri mistakes have you made?

Certified Covid secure tri kit :joy:

My Entire 2019 return season;

Had to retrieve my wedding ring from the bottom of the pool at Clitheroe. Lost my nose clip, too.
Still swam a sub 6 :rofl:
55/42 12-25 for the 25% Birdy Brow climb :rofl:

113 - Wore 4% and fell over exiting T2 at 16kmh. Smashed my hip and limped the first km.

Outlaw - 30 odd degrees in the week leading up to it. I entered on the Thursday of race week. It then utterly pissed it down in Nottingham. And only in Nottingham :man_shrugging:t4::man_facepalming:t4:


Things I have never done;

  1. Turned up without my helmet and borrowed a little girls to be allowed to race Hever
  2. Turned up without a wetsuit
  3. Had the saddle clamp too loose, and seat collapse on the bike leg
  4. Had the shifters on my home build bike disintegrate halfway around Wimbleball
  5. Ridden with tyres too big for the frame at Lanzarote

Not really a mistake but first tri Dorney Sprint, come off bike after over cooking it in usually ex cyclist style, then as i ran out of T2 to exit I wanted to turn left onto the course and the legs kept going forward. ended up being caught by a marshal just before the barriers who said “It’s that way”

Eating a large bowl of pasta about an hour and half before starting the midnightman. Ejected most of it into the lake and spent most of the night unable to eat anything…until i found fizzy cola bottles half way through the “run”.

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Did a sprint team relay event where it was 250m, 8km, 1.5km very late in the season. The water was pretty darn cold, but I thought it was such a short swim it wouldn’t be worth using my wetsuit.

The swim turned out to be a bit long, nearer to 400m than 250m, and I’d say about 200m in the adrenalin wore off and I really started to feel the cold.

Definitely would have been better off wearing the wetsuit!

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you wouldn’t get away with that on my watch… :wink:

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They did actually check it was fitting before letting me into transition, and she was 12 so not that little really, but still. Embarrassing. Also embarrassing was going to the city to meet her mum the next day to return the helmet.

For shame.


I once did have a guy rock up with one of his kids helmets - he explained that he picked up the wrong helmet by error. However it was perched like a pork pie on top of his head and no way did it fit anywhere close for safety. So we put out a message to see if anyone had a spare (adult) helmet and luckily he was able to borrow one and carry on, otherwise he wouldn’t have raced.

I also had a guy rock up with no helmet - it was his 1st tri and he said he didn’t own one as he never wore one. :roll_eyes: (He also clearly hadn’t read the race info!). Again we managed to find someone who lent him one.


Sounds like the start of a terrible RomCom :sweat_smile:


+1 here for running out of transition with my bike helmet on.

At a race my wife had dismounted her bike and was running towards transition, which was a long way. She see’s me the other side of a high fence, stops, takes off her shoes and throws them over the fence to me so that she can carry on to transition more quickly. A marshal spots this and shouts out that she has to return to transition with her shoes. She has thrown them into long grass so I am now trying to find them as she is standing there getting increasingly angry. I throw them back over the high fence she then has to retrieve them and then try and return to transition holding two shoes and a bike.

There was a lot of swearing :slight_smile:


Taking it easy on the bike at IM Wales to save myself for my strongest discipline. Exiting T2 just behind the race leader as he headed out on his 3rd or 4th lap. Sticking with him for at least a lap (10km) at circa 3hr marathon pace and thinking all was going to be fine… :man_facepalming:


Actually thats another one. Lost my wedding ring in the sea at Southend Triathlon 2019. Via facebook and google, mobilized an army of local metal-detectorists. Got it back over 3 weeks later :grinning:


I once got lost in a race as the marshals were pointing in the wrong direction. I was neck and neck with 1st place and only realised as the we had been sent on track took us past T2. The course had to be changed due to flooding but the marshal hadn’t listened at the briefing as she was hungover so had sent us on the original course. The TO realised what had happened and with the organiser allowed us to get back in the correct track and managed to fix the situation come the results.



My biggest was attempting a flying mount. I had practiced but not factored in being out of breath and a bit dizzy. Foot slipped and went in the back wheel. big slice out of my big toe. I compounded it by carrying on with the bike leg, getting to T2, deciding not to even look and just put my trainers on, then started the run. Got stopped by a marshal wanting to know why my trainer was soaked in blood.

Of course it then got infected,


:rofl: :joy:

I’ve done this too… only it was the night before my 2nd ever triathlon, practicing the flying mount. Big toe was such a mess, I had to do the race in a verrucae sock. Funnily enough i didnt bother with the flying mount in the race,


Similar, I did a brick session a few days before a race with the run without socks. Gave myself huge blisters on each heel which I then had to try to patch up enough for the race :man_facepalming:

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Anyone that ever bought a Triathlon Box?


Not strictly Tri but did British Uni 100mile TT back in the day

Hadn’t really studied the route but noticed there were route markers , little florescent arriows with BCF written on big letters. Being as the event was being run under the auspices of British Cycling Federation, as it was, I followed the arrows for about 12 miles and assumed this meant I was on course.


BCF=Broughton Craft Fayre.


Obviously the mistake literally EVERYONE makes at some point…pushing the bike too hard!