When is a Vet not a Vet - AGs

I only get away with it because I’m slow. :upside_down_face:

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We’ve all seen your Strava; case dismissed on both counts :upside_down_face:


As a 28yo, I’d be happy with broader AGs to save race directors “having” to give out prizes. I don’t see any point in pretending to claim AG honours when reality is there’s lots of people far better than me still. I just look at overall results. Maybe under 35 (/40) AG could work at the bottom end and then start splitting, and maybe then by 10 years?

You train more than me on most weeks, still!
And @adam, @Matthew_Spooner and sometimes @Doka :anguished:

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I’m jealous of your 3 hour work dodging rides though!

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They’re called “letting the Revision sink in” :wink:
I’ve passed two professional exams and have another one this afternoon, so it’s not as it looks on Strava :nerd_face:

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The amount race organisers are charging for tris these days, I want a full set of BTF age groups and I want a bit of plastic should I manage to win my AG, not interested otherwise…


I don’t know that anyone (who is rational) would argue that a fit 45 yr old them would beat a fit 35 yr old them.

At least no one who is the north side of 40. :roll_eyes:

There are people who took up endurance sport seriously in their late 30s - or later @Matthew_Spooner - who are still improving - but that is a specific circumstance and perhaps they would have crushed it when they were younger.

For me I improved through to about 39 and have been declining slowly since. Every ‘timeout’ leads to a slight drop in the level reached when fitness is regained.

On the one hand it is utterly depressing. On the other hand we are lucky we have that level of health and fitness that we can even think of completing a triathlon.

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My regret is that I will never know how well I could have gone in my late 20’s and 30’s if I was able to train as I am now able to. I had kids at 26, 29 and 32, I was working crazy hours and paying off a substantial mortgage, while earning less money, and any time I had free was spent with kids and doing DIY (often with kids “helping”). My circumstances are very different now, and enjoying playing catchup


My caveat is at 54yrs old, I don’t have, or will ever have empty nest syndrome with a 5yr old at home.

I will be taking out that egg and spoon race at school day though, booyah! :laughing:

That pretty much sums me up too… I did my first tri, aged 41 in 2009, was immediately hooked, and have been steadily getting faster ever since… kids are now off my hands, having fled the nest, and I have enough time to enjoy my training now… my fastest yet IM was 2018, and I still have plans and aspirations to knock big chunks off that time!.. I too sometimes wonder what I could have done aged 28, but enjoy just getting faster regardless.

I can believe the frustration. Another way of looking at it is that you might have been a top ag’er, and now you can still be a top ag’er.

( I know it’s not quite the same…)

…by the time they hit M40-44 is not really in the same league as someone who has taken up sport in their 40s.

It’s a bit daft to think M40-44 is a level playing field based on age and gender alone.

A veteran should someone with time and experience in sport, not someone who is merely old. Like me.

But on the plus side, at least I can’t look back into the past when I was fitter and faster than today; I am not constrained by my history yet (but will be when I plateau and start to decline)

Why regret it? I’m competitive as the next guy but unless you mean you wish you’d built a career around it… what is there to regret ? What is ‘being a top AGer’ other than bragging rights?
FWIW i think age groups are silly. You’re either in contention for a spot on a team or you’re in the mix with all the other recreational athletes.


Regret maybe too strong a term. I would never have been close to elite level, so as you say no more than bragging rights. A better way to put it is that I am curious about what I could have done, however, what I do regret is that I let myself get overweight, and unfit, as a result I probably missed out on some opportunities to enjoy myself more. You don’t need to be a top AG’er to be fit


Purely because I CTW 4 days a week. Without that my volume would be shite. Better to ride to work than sit in a car given the convenient distance involved!

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I also wonder what could have been if I’d been running etc. in my 20’s, but I enjoyed my days playing football and don’t dwell on it.

I suspect I might have gone sub 80 (just) for a half marathon but it’s hard to say.

on the other hand if I did do Sub-80 would I enjoy it as much now when I can still get PB’s in my late 40’s, something like an 80 would probably be out of reach now.



Preach. I’m 32 and have 3 kids 6,3,10months a massive mortgage (upsized 2 years ago) and very little disposable income despite two decent salaries. I’m only hoping that it all starts to settle in a couple of years, one promotion and less childcare should see me right.