Which Age Group am I?

At Challenge Salou I was classified as 45-49. At the time of the race I was 49, 38 days before my 50th birthday, however, in most competitions your age group is determined by your age on the 31 December of the year in which you are competing, so I am in 50-54

This is clearly defined on Ironman and USAT, however, I cannot find a reference on World Triathlon (ITU). Challenge operates in accordance with ITU rules

Can anyone shed and light on this?

It may not seem important, however, would have one my AG in 50-54.


It always strikes me as weird that someone can race in the 50-54 age group when they are 49, say.

Personally I prefer the Challenge approach, if that’s what is going on. If someone is 49, they race other 45-49 year olds.

When I finally do IM Lanza in May 2023 I expect to be racing as M50-54 although won’t gain entry to the much revered over 50s thread until October. Kinda weird.

Maybe you’ll just have to go back and smack it down next year too? :muscle::grinning:


In every race I’ve ever done you’d be M50 maybe @fatbuddha would know the intricacies


2.5 Eligibility

c.) An athlete’s age is determined by their age on December 31st in the year
of competition;


This is what I was looking for, thanks. Looks like the organisers at Challenge Salou Made a cock up of Age Groups. A friend of mine who turns 55 in September would have been 3rd in his AG, but was classified as 8th in 50-54, so not just me that this impacts

I have emailed Challenge Events as well as Challenge Salou. Potentially this impacts people trying to Qualify for National Federation places or Challenge Championship events

based on info above it does look as if Challenge have cocked up - see what they come back with. If needed I can contact FETRI (Spanish federation) and see if they can help.

I also checked Spanish rules to see if they operate a different method but FETRI rules follow World Triathlon for age classification (as do BTF).


Thanks for your help, I will let you know how they respond. Seems like a pretty big mistake to make.

I know what you mean, but I suppose it helps for consistency through the year. When I swam in my teens, the top age group swimmers were often those with birthdays at the start of the year. Anecdotal at the time, but I’ve heard research to back it up as well. For those sports that align with school years, the advantage is with those in September.

Hope you get some clarification @Matthew_Spooner


Generally not an issue for those of us born in Jan/Feb!


i’ve raced Challenge several times and am sure that hasn’t happened before…

I could be wrong, but I think IM used to base their AGs on your age on race day, but they changed to align with the ITU model.

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Yep, I remember one year racing Windsor in the 40-44ag and the following week racing Wimbleball 70.3 in 35-39

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For that reason GB swimming changed while I was an age grouper to age on day of competition, as their analysis showed that nationals (in August) heavily favoured those born early in the year.

I’d say that once you’re an adult ~6 months is much less of a difference, compared to a child/teenager so age at end of year is better at keeping it standard across qualifying/different comps.


Totally agree, If you are 50, race the other who are too. And be grateful you are still racing at 50.

Also, doesn’t everyone love that golden year when they move up and are amongst the youngest in their group?

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The one redeeming feature of getting older, apart from free bus passes :neutral_face:


Yeah, I’m 57 on Saturday and have gone through the reverse bell curve of cheap insurance. I’m knocking on the door of being a liability now. :joy:

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Silence from Challenge at the moment. I don’t recon that they will respond to me.

wait till you get past 65… :roll_eyes:


Travel insurance?

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