Which new bike ? Giant or Canyon

Hello All

Considering a new bike options are:

  1. Aeroad CF SLX 7 Disc eTap @ £4,800
  2. Propel advanced Pro Disc 1 2022 @ £3,700

Basically fancy something fun to train/ride in the summer.

Love the look of the Aeroad but feels like I am paying more for stuff I don’t “need”.

Canyon was a power meter (I have power pedals) and it is windy here so the 40mm front wheel on the Giant seems to make better sense.

A bit head v heart…

Advice, random comments, abuse all welcome …

Thanks in advance …


Are they similar geometries, because if not, which one fits best is the first thing to look at.

The Canyon is a nice looking bit of kit, but is it really worth an extra 1K over the Giant?

I like the Propel but it is a racing bike so has a stiff ride. But you can put tri bars on for a reasonable TT bike.

But there seems to be a lot on the second hand market so not sure if people go off them or just a lot of production.

When I was looking the Propel was too small for me and I got the CF SL 8 Disk Di2 with Ultegra. Was far cheaper than current Canyon prices being pre Covid though. At 195cm only got the XL as well rather than XXL and right choice (well i like the slightly smaller frame and reach) Id buy a Canyon again if I needed another decent bike. Had to return it as well due to Di2 failure but they fixed it, took less than two weeks and all free postage. Customer Service was faultless, I guess the Giant Store 3 miles from home would have been easier though :wink:

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I am a bit of a Giant Fanboy, but unsure of the Propel- the tech doesn’t seem to have moved on in a while.

Save some cash and go for this.

Same sort of bike, less cash.

Yeah, the basic design is starting to look a bit dated on the propel.

Others here are far more qualified to talk about bikes…

… but I’ve been delighted with my Canyon. It’s a roadie, but comfortable, well made and looks great. :+1::+1::+1:

Where abouts do you live?

I’ve been looking at a Canyon this year myself and the one you want can be bought from the Canyon outlet store for around £500 cheaper. I was looking at around £1k saving on an ultimate.

I’d managed to swing it with the Mrs by us having a weekend away in Cologne, driving there but then spending an extra night and picking the bike up at the outlet in the car, bundling the Mrs back on the high speed train to London, changing at Brussels.

This worked out at just over £600 for me, so still a saving and some brownie points though obvously a cost for you.

The bike comes readily assembled for you at the outlet so no boxes to raise the eyebrows of customs, though I’m sure you’ll declare it anyway. :wink:

If not, an alternative to both is an Orro bike which seem to get good reviews.


OH I’d forgotten about that, wasn’t an issue 4 years ago! That’s going to add a not insignificant cost to the Canyon