Why so many puncture in Frankfurt and Tubeless

Seem to be a lot of punctures yesterday in Frankfurt, given the super smooth roads, what is causing this? Just speculating, however, it was hot, and the black tarmac would have been even hotter, if people were pumping up to 110 psi first thing in the morning, I think that by the end of the ride, the pressure could be in excess of 125psi, this combined the the tyres being softer due to heat could have resulted in more punctures

I think that the commentators said that Patrick Lange and Kimberly Morrison were using a tubeless tyres, and neither knew how to fix them, if tubeless punctures badly and won’t re-seal is it worse than a regular clincher?

If tubeless is completely gone then you just chuck a tube in. If then tyre is gashed massively its game over anyway.

There was a cobbled section near the start that may have caused some issues.

Could have been the heat as well I guess. Unless some grumpy local has been chucking tacks down.

Anecdotally, judging by what I’ve seen when tubeless go wrong on club runs, it’s catastrophic.
Call the mobile mechanic or taxi for a rescue vehicle home.

As for professional athletes not knowing how to sort themselves out, that’s terrible. But I don’t buy it.

That’s what I would have thought, tubeless can sometimes be a pain to get off the rim and remount, but wouldnt expect it to be such a big deal, Lange took ages to put a tube in, would expect a pro to change a tube in a couple of minutes

Saves him bothering to race the other two though doesn’t it!! (if you believe the threads on Slowtwitch roasting him for his 7 min tyre change!!)

That’s my thoughts too. I think that Lange tried to use Pitstop, then used his gas cylinder, but only had one, so when that failed he had to wait to get a new one, at this point he put in a new tube.

I don’t buy that at all, I was watching the live feed, he just had a nightmare

No. That’s exactly what I meant.

That’s what I don’t buy - he totally knows how to fix a flat, but just put the show on for the cameraman and let Frodo and Sebi go up the road as he had a massive case of CBA and wanted a better suntan from being outside longer.

Maybe he was sad and was missing Andi… :cry:

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Or Andi changes all the punctures in training rides?


I was watching the F Pro get commentary that she didn’t know how to deal with it. To be fair to the commentators, it looked like a fuck up.

There was creamy white stuff everywhere.

Paging @fnaar…where is fnaar anyway or am I thinking if a different forum? You get the point though.

That was Kimberly Morrison, she was using a valve extender where the nipple thingy is inside the extender and not visible… I once tried to apply pitstop to one of these and it doesn’t work, just sprays all over the place, I think that it only works where the valve body is visible at the top of the extender, so when you press the can of Pitstop on, it depresses the valve.

Ah right, so it would be fair to say you’d know this if you’d tried it before? In which case, fair criticism.

I’m not on a high horse btw, I’ve fucked my bike split twice; losing the valve extender removal tool, and not having a spare valve extender.

And not. It is on every forum about tubs Vs clinchers and how to fix a tub flat.
Why am I talking tubs? Well, if you use the naff tubs (without removable cores) then you need to use the naff extenders (that just screw over the valve core) and then PitStop (or cheapo stuff from Decathlon) does not work!

I have never not had PitStop work…apart from the time I snapped the valve off, but it was very hot and I was very flustered and rushing to get somewhere…

…oh, wait, hang on…isn’t that the same situation she found herself in :wink:

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My only 2 big punctures have been at Frankfurt in the heat.

Both rear wheel.
Both appeared to be fucked at the valve meaning pit stop was a no go.

Once my guardian angel gave me a tub, it was less than 10 minutes (I can check my Garmin) to cut the old one, put the new one on, pump it up and get the wheel back in