Wiggle Next Day Delivery £9.99/year

Don’t know how long this has been going, but I got offered it at checkout last night for a £9.99/year subscription (Wiggle+) . Seems like a no-brainer to me!

Hope get my road triple front mech tomorrow - after discovering that an old XT mech won’t work with road shifters. I should have remembered that tbh. Have an Ultegra mech on the year :+1: Should have ‘Frankenbike’ ready for the weekend :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the heads up, I need a few things so will check it out,boom-tish :grin:

Yep, I use this, does what it says on tin, great service

Yup - this popped up on my order back in May/June.

Problem is, I’m now ordering most things from Wiggle, instead of nipping to the store in the village, or one of the other local shops :frowning:

It worked then! (for Wiggle)


Road triple? Get out! :joy:

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No, I want to keep the XT Triple on my Frankenbike, and not replace it. I’m converting an MTB to road bars.

I hope you used the referral link :wink:

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Forget wiggle. I’ve just found this totally legit website advertising to me!

A €759 Jacket down to €28. Count me in!

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Use a credit card or PayPal and let us know what/if anything turns up :relaxed:

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It’s good, but there’s a minimum order amount. They do free returns though so you can always order Enough for free delivery then send some stuff back

Ah! But what is the min amount? I ordered a Tiagra triple FD for <£30 and that included free next day.

ETA - Orders over £16, which is basically all my orders!

I’ve ordered a tenner of stuff before and got next day with the £9.99 subscription.

Back to the environmentally friendly triathlete … don’t sign p to next day delivery or a deal like this as it encourages lots of small orders which means the roads are clogged with delivery trucks.

No wonder London is blocked by delivery rivers - everyone ordering junk food for delivery every night, and one delivery a day from Amazon Prime.


GrahamO has a point. My wife works in transport planning and next day delivery is really bad for the environment. More trucks with less cargo, and inability to plan ahead means worse routing.

Do you really need that front mech tomorrow?

Do any of us actually need to eat tomorrow; what’s the worse that could happen…the rant thread would become a bit busier.

But I guess you got me on this one.

Looks like I’m a Platinum Wiggle ‘member’ now. Tbh I haven’t actually spent that much with them in the last year, biggest purchase was a 935XT. Not sure what the thresholds are.

ETA - it’s £500/year. The Garmin was most of that.

I’ve just checked mine:

Your spend in the last 365 days is: £864.69

Most of that is Castelli/Rapha Archive sales. (and overshoes)

The Wiggle discount used to be great. But now they carve out Garmin purchases, turbo trainer purchases, etc, there’s not much to be gained as most things have small discounts on them anyway. When you used to be able to get 17% (during bonus top up periods) off a brand new Garmin, there were people I know who used to deliberately keep their loyalty discount topped up. But I hardly find occasion to use my standard 5% (currently 10%) discount any more, so I’m certainly not chasing platinum

Agree. You can get stuff cheaper elsewhere, even with the discounts. eBay my obvious favourite.