Winter/rain breathable running jacket?


Last few days of weather bring a very similar question to my mind - do I need a proper running jacket to survive cold wintery rainy days… Have been using inov8 windshell that frankly goes quite quickly completely wet in any serious rain, plus with pace going up it steams up inside…

Any recommendation for light, highly breathable and waterproof run jackets?

Have been coming back to this topic over the years and then somehow just stuck it out with the gear I have but keen to hear your recommendations…


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I’ve got an Omm Kamleika and really rate it. Lightweight, I think it is 10,000mm rated and about as breathable as anything that’s genuinely waterproof will be.

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What sort of running are doing? Keeping water out whilst letting sweat evaporate is a dark art and one that most jackets arent very good at. If you are heavy sweater like me you will struggle.

If you are doing road running and not crazy distances I would layer up to keep warm and accept the fact you will be wet. Merino is very good at still keeping you warm when wet. Go for a base layer in that. If you are doing trail or fell running and going to be exposed then a jacket is essential. I have the decathlon one, it folds up to the size of a coke can. Its good at keeping the rain out but keeps the sweat in.

If you want a serious rain jacket then make sure to get at least 10K waterproofing and taped seams. Some jackets give a breathability rating, there are different measurements. One is RET, anything < 6 is very breathable. Some jackets use vents to aid breathability

I personally believe such a thing doesn’t exist for anyone who sweats a reasonable amount. You will get wet either way; the main goal should be to stay at a comfortable temperature.

For me, that’s generally just a thermal LS top if it’s this time of year. If it’s cold and wet/windy then I’d add a thin windproof (pertex type) jacket and a hat.


You’ve got to consider two things really. What is it that YOU want out of a w/p jacket and what it is that the RD wants from any race you’re targeting? Try and find a jacket that satisfies both.

Agree with Jorgan.

Best cheap jacket I got was a decathlon kalenji 2017 or 2018, the vent under the arms were great and even though Id get soaked in either sweat or rain I was comfortable. Sadly the next year the jackets were shite.

I have been impressed with the Montane Minimus jacket. I have used it for racing in horrendous conditions to steady runs in the wet. The jacket holds up for my needs which is stay drier on the inside than on the outside.

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I’ve got the Nike Windrunner Jacket, which is ace.
It’s not 100% breathable, but which ones are?
Neither is is 100% waterproof, but again, which ones are?

I team mine up with a HH Lifa base layer and have zero issues with getting drenched in sweat.

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