Woodway curve: speed intervals, tempo and form

Hi all,

As part of my foray into indoor running, I’m eyeing up the Woodway Curves in my gym. Can’t seem to find much useful feedback online - they’re harder work for the same pace, and aimed at intervals? Can be used for form work? What the heck does that mean?

Anyone used them regularly? Alternative is the standard techno gym treadmill which seems to react badly to my iPhone.


We have one in our work gym, I’m always too scared to go near it!

I have an Air Assault Runner

Like the Woodway, they can be used for reps as well as longer sets and yes they can be used for developing form although there are pros and cons to this.

Indeed, they require more effort than running outdoors and can take a little getting used to, particularly if you are not a very balanced runner…

Do you use any kind of foot pod?

I calibrated it on a treadmill but it’s way off outside, so I’m thinking calibrating outdoors is a better idea…or is there something about woodways or treadmills in general?

i don’t. What are you using the foot pod for?

I’m just experimenting with indoor running at the moment. Got one to try the Zwift half marathon plan.

Calibrating it and getting accurate paces on a treadmill seems to be problematic though.

The mechanics of running on a treadmill are not the same as outside (unless you have a v expensive treadmill and great form), so the pace would only be consistent to the treadmill as opposed to accurate…

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