Anyone got any experience with the planet x workstands;
(Not actually looking for me, was to gift… but only if half decent). Don’t expect it’ll be used for much more than light maintenance.

I think its just a generic type that is sold all over the place; Lidl, Aldi etc.

Does the job OK, but is nothing exceptional, I have one, works fine but needs a surprising amount of room once the legs are spread out.


Yeah it identical to my generic work stand. Very useful for the hobby repairs and assembly. :+1:.


Yeah I’d agree it take a lot of floor space when opened, best used outside I find.

Also mine comes loose at the bottom and have to “thread” the main pole back into the attachment for the legs occasionally. But it’s never collapsed while a bike is in it or anything serious.

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Agree with both @joex & @LordFlasheart

It’s fine. No thrills, does the job

I was also gifted several years ago. Never needed to replace it!

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Yes as above its identical to my generic one. Perfectly fine. The rubber protectors on the clamp have a habit of falling off, and the plastic feet are flimsy but its a decent bit of kit for the price.