York running routes

Anyone here live in or near York?

I’m up for a conference tomorrow and plan on getting out once or twice for a run. I’ll be based at the uni.

Are there any nice trails/routes near the city, on the river or something? Though its looking a tad stromy and wet on Tuesday now :roll_eyes:


Run out to McArthur Glen, check out the Nike Outlet, then get the Park and Ride back to the uni :+1:t3:

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Centre of town is a bit cramped but if you are near the racecourse there’s some lanes round there, you could check the Brass Monkey half route.

Although if you are at the uni at the edge of town I think there’s better round there.

It’s just about pan flat though.

Probably a bit far too the moors, you’d love them :heart_eyes:


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Went to uni there and I used to take a small farm road/bridleway that runs along Fulford Golf course and out over the A64. There’s then some small lanes/bridleways at the far end you can use to loop back towards Heslington. Very quiet and pleasant (and flat)!

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I know Jeff. If I had a couple more days and a car I’d be out there!

I’m in Ilkley tonight staying with a friend. So gonna head out to the Moor there. But he’s an occasional runner, so nothing major.

I need to plan my conference attendance better! :joy:

@PhilleusPhogg I was also at uni in York 1993 to 1996

Nice! Which college were you in and what did you do there? I was a bit later than you, doing Computer Science 2000-2004 in Alcuin.

Computer science, Goodricke

#PhilleusPhogg got it. It’s a bit tricky to find though.

Another off-road-ish route is from the uni sports ground, out and around the golf course. About 5k I think, so depends what you are after.

Otherwise head down to the millenium bridge and go around the race course, extend out to the crematorium and back along the river. Might be boggy or even flooded though. :slight_smile:

OK cool thanks everyone.

Turns out I forgot my trail shoes and it looks like it’s gonna tip down today. So I’ll have to either find a route around the roads where I can’t get lost as won’t be able to take a phone. Or I’ve just noticed the Athletics track in campus. So maybe a track session will be easiest! :joy:

I think this is the sort of route PhilleusPhogg is suggesting, straightforward to follow and the rain wouldn’t put me off road shoes. Crossing the A64 at the golf course is the only bit I recall ever being muddy.

i can’t do links yet so go to strava dot com /routes/20650052