Your Kona Picks - 2019

What channel and when is it being aired?

Facebook live - think it normally starts at about 1700

Have you watched the full series?
With Lange, Ryf, LCB, et al.

If you have not, you can play “Who isn’t wearing Nike% whatever’s”

List of the Brit boys and girls to track on Saturday

In a cruel twist of fate, I unknowingly agreed to my gf moving in on Saturday :man_facepalming:Not only will there no doubt be a load of stuff to do, I’m not sure how well it’ll go down if the first day is me spent glued to a triathlon facebook stream. I have however dropped a few hints, and made reference to the guy from my club who’s out at the World Champs (response - “I thought we were at the world champs in Nice” … “that was the half distance world champs” … “oh, so this is the Hawaii one?” - she’s learning well!)

Off topic, but how do you do this? What can you stream on the video screen itself? I’ve often contemplated one, but have never been able to answer the question as to whether I could get BT sport / sky go / other video services working on it? It would make it a lot easier to have the football / other sport on whilst in the kitchen! I currently have my phone propped up on the kitchen towel!

Get yourself over to my Home DVR Solutions thread :wink: Sky is notoriously tricky - they want you to fork out for the mutliroom/Q subscription. You can’t chromecast sky go and there’s no app AFAIK for any of the popular dongles like Firestick to get it working that way. Of course HDMI laptop into a TV is fine.

For Kona I guess GB is casting his phone or other android device?

At least you’d be setting expectations appropriately.


I agree, he is trying too hard. He knows AB and Jan will be up the road and riding well and he will have to work hard to get a lead into T2 because he will need it. I’m not discounting anyone else in so much as these two will likely be a fair bit ahead of him out of the water and are strong cyclists.

Saturday, I will watch on the laptop whilst cooking then after eating will have the laptop next to me while the family watch strictly, etc. I will be doing a sub-2 run earlier in the day. I have a Sunday CPD thing so may not watch the end of the race unless it’s looking really interesting. I quite fancy Haug to pip LCB to 2nd.

The google home supports certain services directly on the device. So it works with youtube, bbc iplayer, itv player (but weirdly doesn’t support ITV live so i’ve been watching rugby in the morning on my phone on a teatowel like you!), facebook live, bbc sport player etc. You’d have to look on the google page to see exactly what it supports. It’s not a true casting solution as it won’t, for example, cast netflix from my linked google phone to the home hub. Whereas i can use the google chromecast to throw netflix to the main tv via my phone .So i have no idea why some (more) things will cast via a chromecast compared to the home hub.

They’ve rebranded it all as Nest now, don’t know if the newest version have improved functionality etc.

It’s a semi useful piece of kit. Handy for recipes in the kitchen etc, kids watching and playing music/videos, i play al my music via it in the kitchen, weather updates etc You can set it to give you daily updates against your profile e.g. weather, traffic report to work, latest news updates etc etc and it can control other smart devices (i have one smart light that i like and my wife despises).

For under £200 i thought it was a decent investment. I tested the whole smart speaker concept with the cheap google mini. At £20 or whatever i paid it was worth a crack to see if it was just gimmick or handy. WIth kids, it definitely proved helpful hence the upgrade to the home hub. I also ended up getting another google home with my broadband, so we now have a few around the house. The home hub also acts as a nice digital photo frame when it’s not in use.



Pretty sure not many of the top pros will be wearing Nike; they don’t really sponsor many do they? Wurf is the only one I’ve noticed.

Adidas - AB & Lange
Asics - Frodo
NB - Kienle
Joe - couldn’t tell
LIONel - not sure, but not Nike

Joe is Hoka

For the first time I’m going to be awake during the whole race glued to the
trail (probably literally given the likelihood of it being damp and muddy) on the Centurion Autumn 100
So no posting any spoilers :grinning:


I’m aiming to watch the start, then The Mrs is out so I’ve got the kids dinner/bedtime, hopefully keep my eyes open to watch some of the bike.

If we’re looking at a sub 8 finish, what’s that, 2am, 3am in the uk?

It would be good to get a link to the FB “part 2” so I can launch that in the morning on the turbo, not sure I’m going to be able to get that without seeing the result though.

Lucy Charles Barclay
Cam Wurf

…then i flicked through them again and realised their training partners are wearing them…probably to keep up!

Nothing to add really other than I can’t bloody wait! I’ll be in the spare room, with beer and no interruptions.

Can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Laptop on knee until wife goes to bed then hook up to tv.

Really looking forward to this year.

So many men could potentially be in the top 5 but I can’t see past a Frodo win. Sebi’s Assessment of AliB was good on Breakfast With Bob.


Kona viewing cheat sheet

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I’m not the only one who has to plug the laptop into the TV then! Our TV is 12 years old, and we’re keeping it until it dies! Finally had to replace the remote last month though, for a tenner. Sony TVs = Ronseal kit.

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