You're all gay (pad pad pad)

That is all.

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your grammar is not compatible with TT :slight_smile:

Beat me to it.

Come on, Ed, your missing the point :wink:

Looks okay to me - could perhaps have line spacing shrunk a bit in due course as there’s tons of unused space which would wear out keyboards scrolling down :smiley:

I think you’ll find its your

As in Midge You’re?

As its 2019 i’m fluid.

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Your so camp.
You’re all gay.

I joined about three months after that.

Whatever happened to MarkieR - I miss those days, my intro to TT :joy::woman_facepalming:

I believe he and Garytri are co-habiting in a civil-partnership.

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He joined his friends :wink: . I actually believe hes doing a lot of ultra running these days. we “follow” each of on Twatter even though i never post on there these days.

Wait, so we just post any old nonsense to get our post counts up?

I don’t think this site logs post count. You’re ‘ranked’ according to several factors that you can see in the user list.

Oh well, I’ll have to try become important then.

It was “Your all gay”

And the response was…

“What about my all gay?”


We need a link to it

I’ve tried but cant find anything