Zwift Help/plan

Hello again all, so im doing blenheim and london this year so far and am still new to tri really.

Last year i would “Just Ride” every few days, and it worked ok for a sprint or two. But this year i wanted to try a plan, so started an FTP builder. Its all been going well until week 6 and i realise its 5 days a week.

I just dont have time to do 5 sessions on bike + 2-3 runs (my weakness so trying to improve) + 2 swims a week.

So my question is, are there any good 3 days a week workouts/plans? i can always add a “just ride” if time allows and at the moment with work and family i cant always fit them in.


Could you try just leaving out two of the Zwift sessions? I work on 3 cycles, 2 to 3 runs and 1 or 2 swims per week at this time of year. Sometimes a cycle or run bites the dust due to work or tiredness but I try to keep to:
One quality run and cycle per week (run is track or parkrun, quality cycle is on the turbo) and one endurance building run minimum.
Try to avoid doing the same sport two days running. Ditto harder efforts.
Short runs and cycles can be combined to do a brick session (cycle to run or run to cycle to run).
Don’t forget that most plans are very generic and a guideline only; you have to adjust them to fit your lifestyle! Keep in mind what you want to achieve that week and longer term and don’t just do a session because others are (allegedly) doing it.

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