Zwift Tablet

Hi all,

So my wife wants to get zwift… to run with (I know, I know).

Any tablets work particularly well / or not?


can’t talk for Android, but my elderly ipad Air 2 runs Zwift without any issues at all… I doubt you can buy them now, but it does suggest anything newer would be fine

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I have ipad5 works well. Nowhere near as good as my laptop (i7 with 1050ti) but good enough. Android is ok on my s10 phone, bit buggy on some devices as there is such a difference in performance

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Anyone using the Game on an Android phone? I have a Moto G7 Plus, and my PM pedals & HRM both do Bluetooth. So other than screen size, any other ‘limiters’?

When I read ‘Zwift Tablet’ my mind immediately went to ‘Roger Ramjet’ :laughing:


So I installed and used the App on my Moto G7 Plus. It was okay, as I was only doing intervals; you do lose the ability to message (if that’s important to you) and you lose the watts graph along the bottom; plus I had trouble reading anything down the side bar!

Apart from that, it was okay to just have on to rack-up the time on Zwift or if you’re spinning or TTing; not sure how good it would be for races though.

On iOS devices the watt bar at the bottom can be toggled on/off might be worth checking the settings

Now I’ve got the KK Road Machine I might use my phone a bit too. Everything is Ant+ at the moment and I’ll be using my PM to drive/record sessions but the KK’s quasi PM is bluetooth so might be worth recording that to see how it compares to my real PM.