Zwift training plans

Has anyone used these?
Build me up & TT tune up?

If so, Are they any good and did you see results from them?

I tried them. They are not very flexible. It will set deadlines by which you have to complete a workout and if you miss it it goes. It also wont release future workouts. Sometime I want to mix it up. If I’m knackered one day I dont want tough work out so might swap for an easy one, but you cant.

I am sure if you stick to it you’ll see results like any other structured plan but the lack of control irritated me.

If you want a structured plan British Cycling have a few on their website. They are cycling focussed rather than tri but you can add them directly in to training peaks and then adjust as required.

If you want to use Zwift you can create a custom workout from them

Cheers. I expected they wouldn’t be great and I’ve been writing my own plans recently and enjoying them, just thought I may save myself some thinking for a few weeks when I get back from my trip.

I’ll have a look at the BC ones and also the TP ones too but will probably stick with my own plan.

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They’re shit


Come on @Adam, get off the fence and tell us what you really think :rofl:


My view is that they are beginner type progs - plenty of gains for the newbs, but for the well trained much less effective than say TR. Far too many multi zone workouts, guessing they’re using variety to keep newbs engaged.

That said, I think Active Off season is one of the better ones, and I usually run through that in Autumn before the serious stuff on TR begins in January. TR is brutal, and I can’t face an entire winter of that in one hit…

Yeah I just canx TR because I can’t handle the plans. I prefer to ride more often than LV but the MV & HV ruin me.
They are clearly very good plans and are very effective but I like to adhoc it too much and because of where I live it isn’t really possible to transfer the sessions to outdoor. (Terrain, traffic, lights etc).

I’ve got banks of old sessions from previous coaching so will continue adapting those.

Re. TR, I’ve found that the best thing for me has been to use the LV plans but then add in my long club ride and that’s me done and found this has given me enough rest while making some gains. I used to let my ego get the better of me and think I had to do the MV plan, but that much intensity was too much.

I’ve usually gone MV or even HV on TR and parked the ego to know that 1-2 a week would be a fail.

Currently mulling over TR LV from Jan but supplemented with a Zwift race or two: TriTalk TTT being one that is an excellent FTP workout with no hiding place…