2011 Trek Speed Concept 7.5 vs new Boardman Air TT 9.0


I’ve recently purchased a used 2011 Trek Speed Concept 7.5, at a bargain price, which I love. The groupset is 9-speed Ultegra, and needs updating - it’s very worn. I’m thinking of changing it to 11 speed Campy, to match my Bianchi road bike and make my wheels interchangeable.

Question is, is it worth throwing money at the Trek (about £300 in total for a used upgrade) or go for a Boardman Air TT 9.0, which I can get new (£100 per month) from the cycle-to-work scheme with my job.

Upgrade the Trek or get the Boardman - what would you do?

(I’ve posted on Slowtwitch too, just to get as many thoughts as possible)



I dont have experience of either bike, but what is the geometry similar between bikes? When I was in the market for a TT bike the SC was out of the question as it wasn’t big enough. Not sure what the boardman is like. If they are similar, is the SC comfortable?

I dobut you will see much in the way of perfomance gains over the SC, so what is less hassle to you ? Swapping the groupset, or having to sell on the SC

Stick a Tririg brake on the Trek, and it will be way faster than the Boardman (with those annoying Tektro brakes). I have a 2011 SC 7.5, and would not consider the Boardman an upgrade.

As above, iirc the geometry on these bikes is not similar. I think the TT is longer/lower.

You could get the Trek resprayed…

I love the colour of it already - here’s a pic…

I’ve just managed to get Campag TT shifters, and Chorus front/rear mech’s for £150, so it will be fully compatible with my Bianchi road bike. Happy days!

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Yes mine was that colour, I just got bored if it, and I do like a project! Mine has SRAM Red with R2C shifters.

I would recommend the Omega brake as a nice upgrade.

Out of interest, who did the respray, and do you mind if I ask how much?

Local body shop; one of the guys there is a cyclist. £150! Not quite factory standard, but for the money :ok_hand: where are you located?

Glorious Swindon.

Not far then, this place is in Yate.

https://www.woodlandandbayliss.co.uk/ (John is the guy who does the frames)

Managed to get the Campagnolo TT shifters and Chorus front and rear mechs today. Used but in great condition. Being installed at local bike shop on Friday. Hopefully no problems with the SRAM chain set, but if there is I’ve got the option of a cheap used Chorus chain set. Can’t wait for Friday to see how it turns out.