2020 Goals

These last 18 months have been shite, for a number of reasons, and I have dealt with it badly and ended up a bag of shit if I am being honest. I weigh more than I ever have, my blood pressure is shocking, I feel mentally and physically knackered. Next year I am going to sort my shit out, properly. I normally keep most stuff close to my chest but I am putting my goals here as a cathartic sharing of what I need to do.

I start a new job in the new year and that is going to give me the boost I need.

  • Get down below 100kgs
  • BP back to “normal”
  • Stop eating bad food all the time.
  • No booze: 1st Jan to my 40th at end of June
  • Cycle to station / work every day! No excuses
  • Get back into the habit of regular training. Not going to plan how much, just to make sure to start with I am clocking in a regular set of sessions.
  • Finish (start would be an er, start) an Ironman
  • Finish first Ultra

I will report on progress in 3/6/9 months in, if I have failed you may mock me relentlessly!

What is everyone else aiming to achieve next year?


Move somewhere that has an alternative to Northern

Move somewhere that has an alternative to Northern

Move somewhere that has an alternative to Northern

I think that covers it?


Every year I set 10 goals.

In 2019 I hit 6, two fails we’re just too tough and two were compete in a tt and a sportive which will be goals for 2020.

I’ll think about 2020”s over the next week…

Great to have realistic goals.


Before next year’s, how did we do with last year’s goals?

For 2019:
1.More running. :white_check_mark:

2.As a proportion: Less indoor cycling, more outdoor (sorry TR, but I was practically 100% indoor last year):see_no_evil:

3.More focus on practicing execution in training, to knock the peaks and troughs out of my bike split.:white_check_mark:

4.More fish, less fat.:white_check_mark:

5.More sex, less alcohol.:see_no_evil:

I think I achieved 1, 3 and 4. I’m giving up on 2 and 5.

So for 2020

  • Even more running and a sub 4 marathon please :basketball_man:t2:‍♂

  • More fish again, less fat🐟

  • Even less alcohol🍷

  • Consistent, low volume training including lifting :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♂

  • PB at Ironman Distance with a sub 5 run leg :trophy:

  1. Spend half a trillion pounds wisely…

(For newbies that’s an in joke)

I really don’t have any. But I guess…

  1. Get through continual treatment.
  2. Try to make my families future as best as I can.
  3. Keep my accountancy skills as up to date as possible In case a miracle happens. But I will be focusing more on basics not the advanced stuff.
  4. Keep learning to draw.
  5. Learn some more maths.
  6. Keep my French learning going.
  7. Leave the wider world to predict and sort itself, no one ever gives me credit for my two decades long work in this regard. Not totally true, some Freemasons put me on a pedestal and several things happened to me in Masonic Situation that other masons disbelieve as they are so out there, but there is plenty of hard physical evidence. As a Masonic reject being called brother (by masons who knew full well I was an outsider) globally, in person, in writing and on the internet, is arguably the highest measure of respect I have ever received. That was what a decade ago now?
  8. See how Boris turns out as PM. I see in the news that after only 2 weeks he has already effectively ditched one manifesto promise (on living wage…that will impress his new voters no end). Could get fun.
  1. Sub 3 hour marathon
  2. Complete 100 mile trail race (SDW100)
  3. CCC (if I get picked in the draw)
  4. Lots and lots of gravel riding

No triathlons in 2020


When life gives you lemons…

More outside activity, less gym.
Eat better
Finish London.

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Interesting question.

  1. Increase FTP - above 275w as a starting point, but if I want to be competitive it needs to get to 300 longer term
  2. Linked to the above, and my running progressions this year, under 9:30 for my fast IM of the year.
  3. Linked to the above, try and get my first top 10 in AG in an IM.



  1. Get GWR for Fastest Marathon dressed as…
  2. KQ at IM Frankfurt
  3. Finish my FOTK (First Order Stormtrooper) and War Machine Mk1 costumes
  4. Be happy

Yep, but I like to set myself challenging targets. The second and third one’s are clearly outcome goals, but number 1 is more of a process goal to achieve those. If I can get to 275w FTP, then that should enable me to go 20+ watts harder on the bike at IM, which should hopefully be worth a decent amount of time (alongside some equipment improvements). And I’d be optimistic of running better than the 3:25 I did last year now. And I “only” :see_no_evil: have 22 minutes to find from Copenhagen.

The top 10 is very much the variable goal, as it largely depends on who turns up. It wont happen in Vitoria in reality (which is when I’d aim for the fast time) and will only be realistic at Wales based on results from prior years. But it’s a possibility if I deliver on the progression of item number 1.


Not to have kids?

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  1. Sub 20 5k
  2. Sub 40 10k
  3. Sub 90 half
  4. Have fun



This year’s goals mostly met.
Earn enough ITRA points for UTMB :white_check_mark:
Complete first ultra :white_check_mark:
Complete 100km ultra :x:
Bramley 20 miler sub 3hrs :white_check_mark:
Start MTBing :white_check_mark:

Next Year - (no tris planned)

Get accepted for CCC (unlikely)
Finish CCC (even more unlikely)
Sub 4 marathon
Attempt 100 miles at Endure 24
More XC riding
More surfaris with Little One


I should probably choose something I’ve not done before. I’m running out of free weekends during the season to do it though. Almost everything I wanted to do clashes with family stuff.

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Do an ultra, possibly LDWA Open to Offas.

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I’ve made lemonade (see Purchases thread…)

New Goals:

Push it through to completion - try not to get gazumped, or usurped by a poor building survey

Turn the basement room to a training zone

Complete Staffs 70.3

Take six months off to paint, sand floorboards and visit reclamation yards :laughing::astonished:


After puking my guts out in a bush in Zurich, it’s all about finishing Copenhagen. A sub 4 marathon would be nice and would mean I’d got my bike pacing right. So 2020’s about being consistent and enjoying my training.