2020 UK Middle distance races

TC used to put a comprehensive list up.

Does anyone else fancy the responsibility?

Would be good but a lot aren’t confirmed yet or dates, maybe people could do the ones in their region they are aware of. In the NE\North Yorks the obvious ones off the top of my head are.

Yorkshireman (June)
Cleveland Steelman (usually first Saturday August)
Sundowner (usually first Saturday September)

There’s a few in the lakes as well,

Lakesman half
Helvellyn (sort of a half)



Good point jeff.

Are there traditionally any early season ones in May?

I can’t think of many in the north east, but Grafman was a good one in May if the weather is good and the Slateman around the same time.


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I’ve done Slateman 3 times but am wary since the last time I sliced my foot down to the bone in the swim and didn’t realise till the run when my foot was thawing out. Nearly 4 months out.

I know the likelihood of it happening again is next to none but it does worry me.

Enduroman do a half option in May and it’s about 45% cheaper than the slateman.

@PCP - as you are the first post here,you now need to amend it to include events,dates,links and prices.

Ha ha ha :rofl:

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None of this would have to happen if they didn’t cancel Bala middle ffs.

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Exactly this.
There is a middle in Chester start of June, but I am unsure about that one due to previous bad experience at the Oly.

I’m doing Staffs 2020

My mate got very ill after Chester Middle when they swam up to the sewage pipe. No thanks.

I’m going to to UK Ultimate Full on June 13th and Manchester marathon in April so wanted a May middle. Then to do some middles in Aug/Sept.

This is a starting point if people want to add and help format. There was also a decent thread on TT1.0 for 2019 of someone could find and link to might help. This list will be very little help to southerners :joy: also note lots of the dates are likely still 2019 dates.

Outlaw 1/2 Notts 17 May £190
Grafman May
Monster Mojo May
Slateman – ½ £150 Snowdon 17 May
Day in the Lakes; 2 June - Ullswater £75
Epicman 1/2, 2 June Windermere £85
Deva 1/2 Chester - 2 June £110
UK Ultimate
Cotswold 113 - 9 June £155
Stafford 70.3 - 9 June £250
Lakesman - 16 June Keswick
Cholmondoley Castle – 23 June Cheshire. £220
Yorkshireman 1/2 & Full 21 June £135
Outlaw Half Hockham 28 June
Isoman - 1st July Worcester; £250
Castle Howard – July 21 £220
Snowman – Snowdon, 2 August,
Cleveland Steelman – 3 August
Midnight Man - 10/11 Aug, Dartford £100
Starman 1/2 - 17/18 Aug, Cairngorm £140
Monster Middle Ely - Middle August £115
Brutal - Llanberis 31st August
- Cold swim, hilly bike, run Snowdon
- £156
Sundowner ½ York 31 August
Helvellyn – 1st September £70
Sandman – Anglesey September
Outlaw X
Ben Nevis Braveheart 1/2 - 15 Sept £150
Triathlon X Half - 22 Sept

East Anglia really is low on options, got the Outlaw at Holkham but that’s over 70 miles from my house…

South/South West not that endowed with them these day I think. I always ended-up doing the 113 for want of any other local alternative that was driveable on the day; only other one close enough is Immortal Stourhead and it’s always on my Son’s Birthday weekend in Mid May :man_shrugging:

I’m sure I saw that there was a company putting one on at Wimbleball. Think bustinskins do one around the Weymouth area as well. And does IM Weymouth still run?

That’s it for Devon, Cornwall and Dorset I think.

Cheers @Chriswim!

Outlaw Half looks perfect (a bit far but perfect timing). Does it sell out quickly, I’d imagine it does?

May do Steelman again and the Sundowner. A cheaper, local non-branded year.

I paid £216 for UK Ultimate full. Can prob get 2 more half’s in for the total cost of an IM.

Yeah, Immortal Wimbleball; on my Daughter’s birthday weekend this year :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

ETA - 5 Jul 20 :sunglasses: Might just have a crack at this then, if I don’t do Staffs. I see there were 104 finishers this year; how many were there when it was a 70.3?! :roll_eyes:

Westcountry & SW:

Immortal Stourhead 16 May 20
Cotswold 113 7 Jun 20
Weymouth Middle Dist 28 Jun 20
Immortal Exmoor 5 Jul 20
IM70.3 Weymouth 21 Sep 20?

Grafman advertising 24th May 2020.

I’d forgotten about Castle Howard, but the swim was that bad I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Bustinskin at Weymouth was really well organised, sprint, standard & 70.3 on the same day.


I did the Weymough middle in 2011 (Concept Sport then iirc). Does the BustinSkin event go straight up that hill out of town? (A353 east); that was interesting to descend again with the crosswind! Transition was in the tennis courts by the bowling club; run went through the RSPB reserve.