2021 Goals

Went with wishy washy, hard to measure goals on this forum last year, this time Im pinning my colours to the mast, come hell or high water! :ocean::ship:

  1. 5k <23m
  2. 10k 45m
  3. Half mara 1h45
  4. Olympic <2h30
  5. Ironman <13h

My keyboard’s writing checks my body can’t cash…at least not yet :small_airplane:

  1. 12hr TT: 270 miles
  2. 5k: 19:00
  3. FTP: 4.2w/kg
  4. Tenby LCW: 10:30
  5. Kona: 10:xx

No. 5 is by far the hardest of those.


Either Goodwood or Newport marathon 3.35

SDW100 sub 28 (but anything under cutoff)

Dragon’s Back- survive and try not to get timed out on the first day :smile:


You do know that 10k is twice as far as 5k right? Or are you planning to negative split :thinking:


OK some are real stretch goals but here goes

  1. Standard distance duathlon sub 1:56
  2. 5KM: 16:59
  3. FTP: 4.4w/kg
  4. AG Q for standard distance duathlon
  5. 10KM: 34:59

stay alive


Saracen is 4.2 W/kg a power increase or a weight decrease?

  1. Run 42km without stopping, walking or vomiting.
  2. Complete IM Lanza, with a pulse.
  3. Get roof fixed. Gonna happen.
  4. Write limerick which includes word “jigger”

TROSaracen nice :+1:they all sound really tough, have you already KQ?

@NickBerry I got a legacy place for 2020 which has rolled to 2021.

The legacy spot (for 12 finishes) came before actual KQ after a few near misses.



There was a lady worked at Schuh
Who was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh
Why - she would dance a jigger
If there was a new tome with Tigger
And Eeyore and Piglet and Roo.

Not the best. But saving you from trying!


Need to get over this daft injury first but aims so far, assuming I can pick up the running soon.

Sub 10:30 at the Hardmoors 55 in March.
70.3: Sub 4:50
Olympic : Sub 2:25 on the road bike, ~2:20 on the TT bike
Mara: Sub 3:15
50M TT: Sub 2
IM: sub 10:30 (course dependant, and if I do one!)

Not impossible targets, the 55 has a chance of happening and I was on for about 10:48 last year on a horrendous day with a couple of issues and long stops until I got lost for about 50 minutes, then my headtorch failed :rage:

Couple of possibilities for the 70.3, but I’ll need to pick up my swimming, well actually swimming would be a good start.

Need to enter a 50 but if there’s one near Keswick on a reasonable day it’s a possibility. Got a couple of options for the Olympic as well.

Most unlikely is the IM, need to find one and would have to be a good course and have a good day.


Will be interesting with IM this year with most races presumably quite full

Yes, all the fast ones are likely to be. UK roads are generally too poor to be fast enough, the 2 in Yorkshire might go ahead but they probably won’t be that fast.

But sub 11 on either could bag an age group podium.


Memphis thanks I really appreciate it and how are you at fixing roofs? :wink:


Let’s just say my wife is the DIY-capable one in our family and leave it at that.

Don’t want to open any old wounds.

Who knew shelves needed rawlplugs? Etc… :rofl:


Let’s hope some events come back…

I’ve pre-qualified for the GB AG Team, really want to experience the European and Worlds…

… so let’s hope they take place.

Alongside the Edinburgh half, I want to sub- 1:25 (have Leicester as a back up, but isn’t as quick).

Oh, and trudge round @joex New Years 5k without throwing up.


The most important target of all!

(@buzz likely to be my only 5k race pace in 2021 on Jan 1st, 10k pace improvements targetted for march/april )

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to race…


You can knock 1 and 4 off easily enough.
Just pick the right course for 1 (Clumber Park for example)
4 is just a case of putting your name down if it’s not in the UK, isn’t it???
(Been a while since I last qualified)

Those running times are proper tasty, as is the FTP - good luck with it!