2021 Random Race Thread

As events are slowly starting up I thought I’d do a thread for smaller races that might not be covered in other threads like Ultra’s, TT’s, IMUK, Sub 3 marathon. Maybe so we can share any we might be doing?

If nothing else we might be able to share new excuses for poor performances :rofl:

I’ll start the sandbagging, erm I mean thread off.

Got a standard distance Duathlon on Sunday 10K/40K/5K at Croft motor circuit on Sunday, it’s actually a national champs race I think and there’s also a sprint race that is a qualifier, it was draft legal but got changed due to the rules. (if you’ve heard of Scotch Corner this is about 5 miles away).

My early excuses for a poor performance are fairly obvious, the longest I’ve ran since about November is 10K, slowly, I’ll be on my road bike, I’m planning on doing some form of training tomorrow and probably on Saturday as well. And it’s unlikely to be warm, but the forecast is for it to be dry and not too windy.

But I’m looking forward to having a race number on again, it will be interesting to see how far back I am in the M50 cat and I’ll have a rough idea how much I can gain overall with some consistent training.

Anyone else got anything coming up?


I was supposed to be there at the Yorkshire Duathlon as well but I’m not allowed over the border until the day after.
My first race will be the Carlisle Sprint Duathlon on the 9th May. The ETU standard Duathlon in Romania in July is still up in the air due to the travel restrictions and Italy’s ETU cross event is looking doubtful as well.
Trail Outlaws haven’t got back to me to inform me if the Darkathlon in May is happening as the messaging seems to be contradictory so it will be the Endurance Life trail half marathon at Bamburgh Castle on the 29th May and then see what crops up.
My last confirmed event is the Blaydon CC 50 mile TT on the M50 course.


I did wonder if you might do the duathlon but wasn’t sure about your travelling restrictions. I’ve got a similar dilemma with Southport tri, although I can travel I’ll need to get an AirBnb or face a 3 hr drive each way, which I don’t fancy for a standard distance.

And the 25M TT that’s not too far from there in a few weeks, but it’s a long way to go for a 25 on an average course, but it’s a good test for your real FTP.

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I tempted to come down for it as we have had no racing so far as all of the early races were postponed.
My only qualifier this year will be Oulton Park in October as I got a transfer from next week’s event due to the travel restrictions

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£600 entry fee with some tesco value plain crisps and water (if you’re lucky) at the aid stations then. :joy:


I’m in danger of being conscripted into a 6 man relay team to run the Wessex Ridgeway race. 100km from Tollard Royal to Uplyme. Off road, very hilly. 12 legs and every runner does 2 legs. Done it twice before, it’s a fun day.


Dartford Bridge Triathlon June 27th


9 and a bit weeks until Outlaw half Notts.

Suppose I should have a look around and see if there’s a local sprint/oly I can get on to blow out the cobwebs


Just entered Oulton long

10/60/9 kms.

I’m not ready, run times and bike power are down.

Still if we waited till we were in a1 condition every race, we’d never pin a number on.

Expecting nothing and hoping for a miracle good race.


Good luck on Sunday Jeff


Hertfordshire triathlon standard distance 23rd May. Just down the road from me so thought I would support local race…


What Half’s are on in May/June then?
Need something to get up to speed with how to do this thing again!

Hmm…Cotswold 113 6th June, but a bit of a trek!

Grafman, I’m in.

Are Epic doing one?

Deva in June ?

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Same date as Staffs was :+1:t3:

Cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just gotta decide how ill I want to be after swimming in that river :joy:

Done it most years.

I think it clashes with a commitment this year though, fast course on a good day.

Limited entry this year, get in quick.

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That bit on the A534 to/from Crewe - is that okay?
I was on it for 5km last week and it’s a bit hairy!

But that was at 2pm?

Dorney lake have a couple of sprints on the 15/16th of May - going to enter one of those


Southport on 16th for me :tada::biking_man:t3:‍♂


The 16th at Dorney is a ITU world champs qualifier. To sandbag and go Saturday or not?:face_with_monocle: