2021 Report Cards

So, as the end of the year approaches, anyone fancy writing their report card?

@fruit_thief and @wheezy did good ones last year.
But I’m crap with the search function.

Anyone fancy linking to them here?

I’ve got another week left yet, so biding my time.


Running only for me but for me it was a good, but not a full suite of the results Id like.

Currently sat at 5932 km (so no points for guesses on end of the year target!). Have run every day this year except 9 so should hit 356 days by year end, Been a year of fairly wide targets. Early May was Dukeries 40 miler which I won and set a course record on a horrid day in 4:44:40 (damn those 4 seconds!) and then targeting London Marathon in October. Last year (2020) I ran sub-73 for a half so should have done a low 2:30-something marathon but the only chance I got was a windy 10-laps of an airfield which despite going through half way in 1:15 finished with a disappointing 2:40. This years I’ve never quite managed to get in that shape (sub-75 Half) so wasn’t really challenging a 2:30 marathon and ran a PB of 2:35:56 at London. Since this its just been some shorter distance focus and finished 2nd at Tadcaster 10 in 56:06 and then at the 8th attempt this year finally cracked 33:20 for the 10k at Telford with a 33:19 and really rinsing myself. Definitely needed a good sit down after that one at the finish line…

Over all, A-. Would have liked to have got as fit as Autumn 2020 but maybe trying to stretch myself a little to wide to really nail it.


I got expelled I’ve been that rubbish!


Overall A- as well. I dropped swimming at the start of lockdown v1.0 and focussed on the two sports where throwing money and technology at it seems to work.
The long rides were replaced with lots of over unders to push up the FTP as well as regular Zwift racing. Breaking the 300w FTP/4.5WKG barrier was the biggest hurdle and once achieved it set me up for some good results over the year in TTs.
With the constant positive vibes from @fruit_thief, @jeffb and @gingerbongo I started doing 2 interval sets a week and my run form improved so in 12 months have take off 2mins on my 10km (oh to be anywhere near @itom150’s times!!). I have a flat 10km race tomorrow so a 35.xx could be on the cards) I now have the positivity of going into events where I could get top 10% in an event.
Bagged a few duathlon podiums this year and club trophies I have coveted for years so pretty happy.
To achieve an A, I need to execute on a faster 10km and run a sub 17:30 5km off the bike.


Good luck tomorrow, you aren’t going to Ribble valley are you?

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Fortunately I’m heading north for the Tillicoultry 10km near Stirling. The course record is 29:18 :anguished:
Edit: 10km ticked off in 35:37 jaded after Zwift racing yesterday but a good end to the year


Mark was a bit shit all year.

Although he managed to get his HR down, this has faded towards the end of the year.

He managed a stupid 10km pull with paddles set in May, but now struggled to do 10 x 100m

Hopefully the new year will see a different attitude.


You are an A in my book for the sheer dedication and commitment of going out to target the GWR.


A very unsatisfying year for me. The effort inputted was not reflected in the results. 2 ultra DNFs and a distinct lack of cycling has made it a year to forget.
Highlight was Endure 24 where I covered 70 miles after rallying myself on a difficult night.

End of year injuries have put me in a mental funk where I can’t wait see to see this year gone and start again.


Same as @jeffb I’ve been expelled.

S/B/R - just completely absent. Can count on one hand the number if runs and swims I’ve done. Not much better on the bike. Can losely blame the shoulder problem for lack of swimming, but no excuse on the rest.

Strength Training- a paltry 3:45 mins in total. Pretty sure the Rock does more in a single workout.

TriTalk- been on every day and chatted more shit than ever.

DIY - claiming some success here. Cleared the garden, built a sizeable deck which involved digging 10 footings in compact clay, and moving 800kg of soil and 700kg of stone by hand ( no idea why my shoulders are so bad). Decorated the master bedroom and added wall lights. Decorated Hall, Stairs and Landing and replaced flooring in Hall. Decorated and re arranged my office/pain cave.

Health - dismal effort. Weight is comically bad (except its not funny), BP not good.

Mental Health - much improved this year .

So, in summary. Nothing particularly bad happened but a dismal effort from me on most fronts.


I’d count the home looking good and a mental health improvement as a win :+1:t3:

For weight, see Richard Osman’s latest interview and statements about it.


Thanks, I should focus on the positives, and you’re right. The house is so much nicer and feel like I have a clean slate next year to fix my overall health.

I saw a headline about Richard Osman talking about over eating or something. Will go read them in detail.



:hole:-in-the-leg needs to repeat a year:

Started yr recovering from injury. Got fit again. Raced once. Got fitter. Ended year injured lol


Weird year here.

Started full of enthusiasm for IM Lanza. Jan + Feb several 2+ hour Wednesday rides on the MTB in winter gear at a nice zone 2 HR, long steady runs at the weekend. Strung together a run of 12 hour training weeks (a lot for me) and enjoyed them.

Then Lanza got shelved, and so did my plans. Kind of ambled along for the rest of the Spring.

June I entered race #1 which was Race to the Bill, an oly except with a sprint distance bike. Didn’t bike particularly well but somehow pulled out a decent run. 2nd overall (although the Brownlees stayed away LOL)- it was a very “local” field and the winner had 10 minutes on me.

August, race #2, another local sprint. This time the bike power was much closer to what Zwift reckons I can do, which was pleasing, although this time I couldn’t back it up with a good run.

October, race #3. Leicester half marathon. Biggish event, couple of thousand runners. And it absolutely chucked it down from start to finish, with a strong wind too. The run out of the city was largely downhill and wind assisted, felt a lot like being propelled by a water cannon. Through 10km in 38 minutes and thinking “why on earth does this not feel painful?”. Then BOOM, turn around at halfway, back into town uphill into the water cannon- often through ankle deep water. Ok, now it felt painful. Dug deep to bring it home in 1h23. 41st finisher, so clearly the day was equally grim for everyone. Was chuffed with that. And yet…

… I don’t know how much I enjoyed training for it. 9 weeks of running pretty much every day, 80km per week average and 100km peak. Towards the end I just wanted it over.

And there’s the rub. The first 2 races I really enjoyed, because they were incidental to my hobby/habit of exercising for fun pretty much every day. But the 3rd race felt like a second job, having set this arbitrary target of running 1h25 & then feeling compelled to train for it whether I wanted to or not.

So my take home from this year, at this point in life, is that races are just one sort of icing. Being healthy, being able to move the full compliment of body parts, sleeping well, fitting into clothes properly, being able to go for a run with friends, or family, or to hastily pick up a new air bed from Sainsbury in Dartmouth when camping and realising the existing one is flat and the shops shut in 20 minutes and it’s 2 miles away and up a big hill and I’m 2 pints of cider in… those things are the cake.

Next year? Not sure. It will definitely include posting ample nonsense on TriTalk of course. Have entered Cotswold classic but won’t set any time goals or apply mental pressure beyond enjoying the day. Indoor pain cave is now fully prepped, that has been a project this year- having all the gear just there is really nice & makes it so easy just to hop on after work or on a rainy evening. Feeling the love for Zwift at the moment & the race action fix it offers.

Keep it up ladies and gents :+1:


Great post :+1:

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Triathlon stopped for me around 2015 when my knee cartilage decided that was time, so post op, I decided I would just ride bikes … a few years of puzzling struggle followed before I was diagnosed and then treated for pernicious anaemia before I was able to ride properly again.

No races as such, other than a local sportive for me in 2021 but I got to my target of 3000km ridden despite a bout of Covid and the various storms throughout this last 12 months. The fact that there was no pressure to “train” has meant it has probably been one of my most enjoyable years on a bike.

I am more of a gentleman cyclist these days :grin:


Hmmm 2021 …….
Triathlon B+ trained fairly consistently, worked hard on the bike Zwift and IRL. Achieved an unofficial personal goal in a TT, and took part in a bit of a niche triathlon event which was really rewarding. Moving forward keep enjoying what you do.

Family A. Great year for me, Mrs Hen didn’t throw me out, daughter continues as an NQT but suffered a nasty head injury at netball and is still not 100%. Son has been working over last few months in a department store, could get something permanent but not sure. Very proud Dad.

COVID D. We are all double vaxxed both kids have had it mildly, Mrs H and I stayed clear.

Biggest lesson learnt ……enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy!


Swimming: none (since about 2010).

Cycling: about 20km (had to get sign writing done on two vans so cycled back to get the second while the first was getting done).

Running: none. Which is a shame as I was running PBs at the start of 2020 when this shit storm arrived. PB at Parkrun, 22:36, PB at 10k, 48:56 and PB at half marathon, 1:54. Then my work stopped and I ran out of money for shoes.

Walking: Loads. About 10k a day but up to 40k a day on the long summer days. Just me and the dogs. I really enjoy it (except the days when dog does something stupid and hurts himself, which is quite often).


Running C+
The boy has shown some improvement, and a much faster (by 10min+) olympic run split but the continued lack of consistency and time on feet is holding him back. It’s not a case of trying harder, but simply running regularly.

Bike C
Not the focus of 2021 but maintained a creditable 1h ish 40km ability

Swim A
Took minutes off his 1500m and stepped out of his comfort zone into the world of being coached.

Triathlon A
Achieved targets at Olympic and Iron distances, sub 2.5h and sub 13h.

Drinking B
Too regular at the end of the year but otherwise a reasonable paced effort for 2021

Repainted house and garage, fixing water leaks running down walls, bodged a rendering fix outstanding for years, replaced garage window with temp fixing, various other patches and fixes