2022 Goals

Yes, bit early to be setting these, but I didn’t set any 2021 goals and I’ve started to think about the year ahead.

  • 5k < 18:00 (3:36/km) [56.4] - Current PB 19:18 (3:52/km) [51.9] set in 2021
  • 10k < 40:00 (4:00/km) [52] - Current PB 43:27 (4:21/km) set in 2014
  • Half marathon < 1h30 (4:16/km) [51] - Current PB 1:35:00 (4:30/km) set in 2014
  • 10 mile TT < 22:00 - Current PB 23:15 set in 2021
  • Weigh < 76KG/12ST - Currently about 80KG

Starting next week I’m going to be going to track sessions once a week with the local athletics club.
Will swim once a week with the tri club, so no goals there, just not be completely shite.

According to Jack Daniels with my current 5km PB I should be able to meet my 10K & HM goals already :roll_eyes: I guess that means my 5k goal is probably the most ambitious.

For reference I’ll be 42 next year.

Edit: Have added [VDOT] values, shows the 5k is very aggressive and goals getting softer as I go longer.


Certainly on the running stuff I’d agree. Took me a while to go sub 19… Which then became the norm. But I only once got close (well 18:13) to troubling sub 18.
10k and half targets far more attainable. Bet you’d be close to both of those now given the right course, conditions and fellow runners.


My goal is simply this autumn & winter to get some good mileage in, get more of my old long runs in every weekend and run a sub 3 next spring. On the way a half or two.

Seeing some of the times some of you guys have run at the weekend has inspired me/ kick up the arse

My mate was talking about the great north run too so don’t know when entries are for that one


Goal number one is to make it to a start line in an IM, all being well Lanza.

Not sure whether to make Lanza or Copenhagen the A race yet though


Remember this is softer than reality, that course is pretty slow, 40odd seconds slower than @gingerbongo’s course

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Arc 50 and make cutoff.

Centurion Slam :joy: :joy: :joy:


That’s a good point…I gather there are some pretty quick courses by my parents, either Hove Prom or Worthing Prom, as long as the wind is kind. I’ve always just gone to the course 5 mins from their house.

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and the I’m sure that 10km and half marathon target is doable, I was just behind you on the 19:18 and I reckon I could do both of those tomorrow probably in training (although not around here, need a canal or something to give me un-interrupted flat course rather than twisty hilly stuff.)


I find Swindon (sorry Lydiard) pretty quick, although mostly because you can pretty much guarantee a good group at the front. The gradients are not too severe and break up the effort more than a pan flat course. Surface is pretty consistent all year too, though obviously as quick as tarmac.

Haven’t been back since restart, has the start been moved to grass? That won’t help.

Fastest ‘local’ I’ve done was Severn Bridge. Not flat either, but the last 2k is rapid, provided the wind is cooperating.

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Next year Im going to:

Oh forget it, what’s the point.


Come on, commit to doing a tri. You know you want to!


They’ve moved to using the outer loop with the start & finish on grass, which means about 800m is on grass (it’s still 2 loops). I’m sure there are faster courses, but wouldn’t know how to quantify.



Please give to charity, not flowers

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I do want to. But I say every year I’m going to, and then don’t.

Oi don’t you be coming down on my course. Part of pb setting is down to appropriate course selection. It’s a skill!

And no. You’re not adding 40 seconds to my time last Saturday!

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It’s not 40seconds at that pace! But the 20:02 I ran at Exmouth was a nice leasurely relaxing run, whereas 19:20 at Lydiard was pretty tough, and I was a few weeks fitter at Lydiard.

There was a lady on the BBC who’d done it as a cake!

She looked like a bit of a fairy.

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Is there one for eating cake while running?