2022 races

Thought it might be good to start a list of events people are racing in 2022, so that we can cyber stalk with a view to expressing awe at performances, or laughing at inadequacy……

I’ll collate as people add info into a date organised list


Arc of Attrition 50mile - Jan - FatPom
Temple Newsam Ten - Jan - Pacha
Hardmoors 15 - Jan - jeffb

Liversedge HM - Feb - Pacha
Pilgrims Challenge 66miles (2 days) - Feb - doug

Hardmoors 55 - March - jeffb
Norm’s Helium Loops - March - GingerBongo

Brighton marathon - April - Adam
Boston (UK) Marathon - April - TROSaracen
Texas 1/2 IM - April - jeffb
Rose of the Shires 54miles - April - doug
Mallorca 312 - April - PCP

Outlaw Notts 1/2 IM - May - Magna Carter, Pacha, TROSaracen
Thames Path 100 - May - FatPom
Royal Wootton Bassett Sprint - May - BadAsh
North Downs Way 50 - May - The_Iain
Cape Wrath Ultra 250miles (8days) - May - doug

SDW100 - June - FatPom
Endure 24 - June - FatPom
Windsor 220 - June - Hammerer
Staffs 1/2 IM - June - TROSaracen

113 Cotswold Classic 1/2 IM - July - Magna Carter, Jgav, BadAsh, fruit_thief
IM UK - July - Adam
Outlaw full - July - TROSaracen
Outlaw Holkham - July Midlife_Trisis
Roth - July - Duckhen

Copenhagen IM - Aug - Magna Carter
NDW100 - Aug - FatPom
The Plague 64 mile- Aug - FatPom
12hr TT - Aug - TROSaracen
Maastricht 1/2 IM - Aug - jeffb
UTMB CCC - Aug - jeffb
London-Edinburgh-London audax - Aug - Wheezy

IM Wales - Sep - Adam, Stenard, PCP


Arc of Attrition 50mile - Jan
Thames Path 100 - May
SDW100 - June
Endure 24 - June (entered as a banker, not sure yet)
NDW100 - Aug (waiting for entry to open)
The Plague 64 mile- Aug. (deferred entry from this year)
Autumn 100 - Oct. (volunteering this year for an entry next year)

I highly doubt I will do all of those. If I can get TP100 and SDW100 done, I might have a crack at the Centurion Slam but. I will definitely adjust that plan as I go.


Just Cotswold Classic for me so far


Windsor 2020 for me, provided I’m not sick/injured/fat/lazy/CBA


Zwift TTT every Thursday until April :joy:

Good idea though, I’ll look at my diary later.


Brighton marathon - April
IM UK - July
IM Wales - Sep

Maybe an earlier sprint/Oly and a half too



Oh, and the Royal Wootton Bassett Sprint, but not sure that gets on the radar! :joy:


Temple Newsam Ten - Jan (XC - trail run)
Liversedge HM - Feb
Outlaw Notts 1/2 IM - May

An IM or maybe Outlaw (full) in summer, some sprints .


North Downs Way 50 in May.

And having seen a YouTube video about the Val d’Aran by UTMB race, I’d like to do that, but don’t think I’ll have the ITRA points to qualify. If I decide I do want to do it, it may well involve just hiking the London to Brighton Challenge at the end of May to get some more points.

I quite like the idea of doing a triathlon too.

I’m also kind of curious about the possibility of taking a month or two off next summer, and hiking GR5 from Geneva to Nice.


April - Boston (UK, sadly) marathon
May - Outlaw half
June - 70.3 Staffs
July - Outlaw full
August - 12hr TT
Sept - one of 70.3 Worlds St George or IM Chattanooga


There are a few where people have said ‘maybe’, ‘this or that’ or ‘if I get in’…… i’ll add them once you’ve got certainty if you let me know


Just IM Wales rolled over for me at the moment.

Depending on what the new job says on time off, I’ll also be trying to get into Boston when that opens in November as I have a time that should easily get me in.


The last couple of years I’ve done a great job of saying I’m going to do all these races and then never doing them. Dont start training or even actually enter them most of the time. I’m determined to break that though. So here are my lose plans I have cooked up.

June - Slateman Legend
July - Snowdonia Trail Marathon
Sep - The Brutal

Go hard, or go home. Or have a heart attack.

There are no barriers to me any more. The kids are old enough they just bugger off with their friends at the weekend, or lie in their pits. I WFH 4 days a week (and pissing & moaning a lot in the hope I can do 5). I’ve a powercage and weights in the garage, Zwift setup 1m from my desk


Outlaw Holkham 3rd July


@GRamsay confirm when you’ve entered them, and i’ll add them to the list!


Confirmed ATM, subject to not being a sicknote! Most are carried over and a couple of other maybe’s.

Jan 1st - Hardmoors 15
March - Hardmoors 55
April - Texas 70.3
August - Maastricht 70.3
August - UTMB CCC


London-Edinburgh-London audax in August.


ooh, pedally!


Roth for Duckhen July 4th or 5th as long as work give me the time off!