2022 Random Race Thread

Well the 2022 season is starting. What random races are you all doing?

This will hopefully be my first PB of the year. Only have to finish it, never done a 10 miler before.


Back with a shiny new PB of 1.07.47

Good race if a little rolling.


Spanked by my son at the XC again, 30s gap but seems like miles.


Good way to start the year :clap:t4:

How did you find it?

Sat nav



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I do try…

The race started well, narrow and uphill so just had to bide time and not stress and try to dodge round people.

First turn onto wider roads, watch said I was slow so put a dig in to get up to speed. Lots of rolling hills which suits me as I seem to be able to punch up and over them.

Long hill just after half way and I let my speed drop but was well up on target. From garmin it looks like my HR was dropping after km 10. Lack of leg conditioning meant that I couldn’t push all the way to the finish but just kept pace around where average way.

I was running with someone called Helen who everyone seemed to know, so for the day I identified as a Helen as it made it easier.

Happy with the way I executed and think that 10 mile is probably my sweet spot.


Signed up an XC race 13th Feb - Cheltenham. Will be my first XC race since I was at school over 20 years ago :grimacing: The question now is do I buy some XC shoes or just use my trail shoes that I don’t actually like running in. Its open entry if anyone else wants in…

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Second race of the year, starting soon. Bit cold today

Bib 4460


Race strong @Jgav

Argh, so close yet so far.

Strava half Mary time 1.29.59 :heart_eyes:
Chip time 1.30.06 :sob:

2 min PB on the half I did in November and I’m 4kg heavier now (really need to sort that out).

Start was tricky with it being busy and narrowed down so probably lost a few seconds there but in reality I’m missing that speed endurance to get me from mile 5 to 10 in good shape and let me push on to the finish. Was just about hanging on for the last 3 miles getting the negative voices in my head to shut up.


I can only see good things there. A 2min pb, with easy gains to be made must be very satisfying.


First ever multi-sport race. First proper race of any kind for (gulp) 12 years. Good swim (a big PB but wasn’t able to do it all freestyle), ok transition, run a bit all over the place. Not sure what happened on the first lap, the GPS on my old Garmin didn’t kick in for a good while which threw me slightly, plus I was overtaking faster swimmers which probably made me think I was going quicker than I actually was.

But I wanted to do under 45mins, the sun was shining and it was a great morning. So can’t be too miffed at the small things - helps it’s was a 24:59 and not 25:01 run! Maybe sub-40min next year?


Well done both. It’ll come jgav.

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Anyone looking for an early small race? I’ll be there marshalling.


Did a local road run race this morning, Marnhull 12km. Originally had an entry for the 2020 race, but that got cancelled, as did the 2021 race.

Was a bit late arriving and needed the loo, queue was massive, didn’t quite complete the task in hand in time & ended up starting 30 seconds after the race had begun :roll_eyes:

Also my Garmin watch is broken & its replacement hasn’t arrived yet. So running old school with no pace info.

Decided just to relax into it and spent the first half gradually moving up from the back of the field. Run fitness is not there at all, so was suffering more than I would have liked in the second half. Don’t actually know my time as no watch, but probably about 47-48 minutes from what people in front and behind were saying.

Edit: Results out, 48m02s


:joy: Nice. Old school, love it.

Probs something to be said for doing that every once in a while.

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Club duathlon this morning 5/20/2.5. Given I’ve been ill with a virus l, I decided to pace it at 70.3 level rather than race it. Clear start but very very cold, thick frost on the ground and my shoes were a mistake as not enough grip on the grass.

1.14.49 and 4th out of 9.

Winner was a new young guy who finished in 1.05 which is flying on this course.


My first HIM was done sans watch because it broke in the water. Found that very hard and confusing so congrats on racing it well.

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Random half marathon in Queens, NYC. Needed to get my last semi-long run in, and decided I might as well do this. Could have gone to Central Park I suppose.

Nice and steady, with alternating mile efforts at roughly target race pace in the second half. Felt pretty good. A 1:36 HM when I feel like I could have easily done double the distance is positive.

Now to keep healthy for a week. And try and avoid too much wine at the two work dinners Monday and Tuesday evening!