2023 races

Getting a bit ahead of myself here but…

Signed up for Outlaw full

Sight set on sub 10


I saw the price :face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Plus I’d have to do some training :see_no_evil::rofl:

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… and pack your Perfetto


I didn’t think the price was too bad tbf.

Certainly still significantly cheaper than the branded affair

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Anyone raced Warsaw 70.3? Tempted. Also it’s cheap.

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Signed for Outlaw Holkham Half. :+1:


Just entered Hyrox Manchester. January 2023.


TBH after my didsaster this year I fancy another crack, looks like the price is the same as this year.

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Yes they’re doing an ‘early bird’ price hold

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Draft fest apparently but very fast

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They only opened at 10.00 today!!! You were keen!

you’ve got my mind thinking now. I’m at rock bottom in terms of motivation. Nothing in the calendar at all.

Do i want to train for an IM though? That’s the big question…


I would love to do one of those, initial sessions were really positive

I was racing the guy who came second 50-55 virtually and holding my own.

But the injuries were awful, one after the other so I gave up

I’d LOVE to do one still

Tough hour or so!

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Haha yeah!

I just like to know where I’m at :blush:

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Most people an hour or so faster compared to Bolton, some 90 mins, probably down to climbing and descending

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I’m normally like that.

I have a feeling that this is going to weigh on my mind for a few days!



I’m currently thinking 113 at the start of June, Outlaw end of July then a later 70.3 or iM Wales. Have to say my ‘training’ this summer has been garbage though. Need to get some panic training in


That’s the problem, i can only really get away with one main event per year. Maybe 2 if i spread them out or if it’s really local.

I have found the last few years i just can’t train in the summer so it’s got to be either a late Spring/early Summer or late autumn/winter event.


Yeah, this one’s been an issue

Holidays, kids and the heat have been a huge blocker!

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Possible TT samck down (in the rain)

Same. With disruption to swim and run over Autumn and Winter I just tried focussed on being able to go on as long as possible but want to focus on getting faster and then go long again.

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Same. Far better things to be doing :face_with_peeking_eye:

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