2023 TriTalk SausageFest/Smackdown/Sub5/Etc

Where’s it gonna be?

  • Cotswold 113 - June 4th
  • Cotswold Classic - July 9th
  • Holkham Half July 8/9th
  • Ironbourne 70.3 - Probably July
  • 70.3 Weymouth - Probably September
  • Another one

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I cant do July so 113 for me.

I see that entries have opened for the Cotswold Classic and the 113. Anyone got any further thoughts? Think I might go for the June event.

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Which one is the Cotswold race with the V2 bike course?

If I’m reading this correctly, the July one?

That’s right, the Classic V2 in July has the new course.

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113 is perfect timing wise.


I got a priority entry link to Swashbuckler which is on 11th June 2023 (start at 5:30!). Not done it before so not sure what logistics are like around there?

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If that’s the one in Bucklers Hard, it’s £££ :money_mouth_face:
Local accommodation is glorious (a TT1.0 member got married there after racing :heart_eyes:) but you pay for it.
Further away is not so great, cheaper, but a long drive.
I used to stay in static homes/lodges when I raced END events, much cheaper than hotels/AirBnB (or they were!) and you get to make a week(end) of it then, too.

I did the pre-cursor event to this in 2007. Not called the Swashbuckler then, but all based at Bucklers Hard. Think we stayed at Sandy Balls and then I drove over in the morning.

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Swashbuckler was a lovely event, but yes absurdly expensive on site accommodation (but utterly lovely - Master Builder’s Hotel).

Early start is for tide reasons, there is not much window to get the swim in.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Entry to the event itself is £150.

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You could stay at The Montagu Arms hotel?
Their restaurant is Michelin starred.
I’m sure they’d do a nice 3am breakfast.

OH! Also, Swashbuckler swim is salty (tidal) and often has jellyfish :+1:t3:

I think the race organiser has offered to set us up as a group next year so you may want to hold of individual registration.


Ah that’s interesting. I was going to enter soon, but will hold off.

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By the way, is this a sausage fest because pies aren’t very popular in the Cotswolds or do we need to start encouraging other genders to attend?

If you can get a group together, drop me an email at graeme@113events.com and I’ll sort either discount codes out, or if you can get one person to collect in monies and organise the group, you can pay by bank transfer so avoiding the entry system 4% too
I’ll arrange a £20 discount on each TT member entry and get you all together in transition and in the same wave too if you want as well as separate results etc if required


Nice one Graeme that’s great of you!

How much extra do you charge to sort out a good result? Can we bid for a higher finish position :wink:


You can eff off :stop_sign::raised_hand:t5:

How much for my 2019 fitness back?