2024 Goals

Do this every year and the last few years have got no where near, this year could be my year.

  1. Lose another 15kg.
  2. Squat/DL 1.5xBW, Bench/Row 1xBW. Shoulder press 0.75x BW
  3. Play cricket again
  4. Coach cricket
  5. Finish flight sim

Probably similar to this year for me.

Sub 4:45 - 70.3
Sub 1:28 half marathon
Sub 20 parkrun\5K
Try and get into Tokyo 2025

If the leg improves I MIGHT have a go at a marathon and GFA for London.

Travelling is going to be Europe this year, doubt I’ll be going further so that will deflect Greta’s scorn back onto Fruity :rofl:

But should be getting at least Valletta & Athens in my quest for European capitals.

I’ll leave job stuff out for now, going to see what Q1 brings.


1 - do some training to justify posting in the training thread;
2 - 50m Free under 30s;
3 - 100m Free under 1:06;
4 - 400m Free under 5:45;
5 - 10K under 50mins
6 - lose 10kg
7 - do an aquathlon;
8 - do a swimrun race


I’d just like to do some regular training again. With people posting their ‘strava years’, I looked at mine. 13hrs of running and 6hrs of swimming. Utterly shocking. Achilles is still not right, but I can at least try and stay on top of the shoulder and do more regular swimming.

Those times seem quite confusing I’ll be honest. I looked at the first two, and thought that meant you must be a bit of a fish. I’m never going to swim a 100 under 1:10, yet I’ve done a 5:45. Surely if you can get under 1:06 you’d be going for something like 4:45? Was it a typo?!


No, it’s not a typo. I’ve always been more of a sprinter and have never really had the endurance or the pacing for longer distances.
My 100 Free PB is 1:05.88, 200 is 2:34.78 and 400 is 5:36.59 and that’s from the best part of 20 years of masters competitions. Whenever I’ve done a CSS test the drop off is quite visible.


That definitely is some drop off!
But then putting it another way, you’re alternatively just a very good sprinter!

  1. Decide whether to completely walk away from external esoteric work (I am happy that I have done my bit), or to (try to) believe that those in our world who have ‘hopes and expectations’ of me are correct, and go whole hog, to see what effects that has (if any) on our world (as global stability continues to crumble). I expect I will choose the former.

  2. Try to maintain a sense of humour as my body doesn’t do what I want it too.

  3. Get through it with as little family stress as possible.


Sub 10 @ Outlaw
and no broken bones in '24


Same for me @SidSnot - sub 10 at Outlaw.

I also want to race a 70.3 - something fast to crack 4:30


No sporting goals for me for 2024. It is a year to focus on progressing my career and just getting back to regular training. Will hoepfully do some triathlons, sportives and runs but not going to worry about times. Then a Euro IM in 2025.

I have been travelling too much to train regularly. I think this project will finish at the end of January and then hoping for less travel but no idea what I will be working on.


2024 goals

  • Start swimming and cycling again, have done neither for nearly two years!
  • Then have a crack at a sub 5 70.3 either at Cotswold(July) or Erkner(September)
  • Do back yard ultra(June) and run at least 100k which would be 15 laps
  • Try and get into either Dublin or NY Marathon (more likely I will be a spectator)

But most important of all

  • Just don’t get injured

so I must …

a) regularly see my sports masseur and not leave it too late and present him with an injury
b) do strength and conditioning at least once a week (I am completely hopeless at this)


Nice. See you at the finish on or before 9:59:59


looking at dropping back onto running in 2024 , having a go at getting a GFA for London marathon & try and get in following year 2025. The whole increased costs of triathlon for me is out waying the taking part/results experience.


Not entirely sure just yet.

Career, family and significant birthdays take over, and therefore difficult to plan something substantial.

So no GB AG stuff (although the locations and dates are no good anyway).

Probably a few local running races, couple of Aquathlon and may even be persuaded to throw in a triathlon.


I appreciate that I’m easily confused but having put my goals on the other 2024 thread, do I need to repeat them or could we just settle on one moving forward? :smiley:


Currently struggling to set any tri goals for 2024.

Part of me would like to try for a 70.3 in the summer, but it’s a big thing to commit to & can’t actually visualise whether I’ll want to travel and do a 70.3 when the summer comes round.

A lot of the guys I train with are going to do the Abu Dhabi race alongside WTS Abu Dhabi in Feb or March, but it’s a crazy drive & not really lighting any motivational fires for me for some reason.

There’s the Doha half marathon in Feb but again, just not feeling it and have probably left it a bit late to start training for a non-shocking time.

Going to see if I can take the turbo out , maybe starting to Zwift again will get the juices flowing a little :man_shrugging:


As per the Gravel thread I’m hoping to do the Traws Eryri route (200km/4000m+) possibly towards the end of April.

I’ve entered the Frontier 300 (300km/4000m+) on the 8th June but having decided it was too much hassle because of transport issues I now know of a friend doing it so we may sort something out :man_shrugging:

I’ve missed my summer holidays in the south of France for the last couple of years. Holland/Belgium last year was all very nice & different but lacked the heat I love & 2022 in Cirencester was a fucking low in holiday destinations…apologies to the forumites who live in the area :grin: . With this in mind I fancy getting down to the Ardèche & entering the Standard, Sprint & Middle triathlons they have in early July…love the idea of running across a pontoon bridge made of canoes.



My 1st goal is to be at the Abu Dhabi para race in March, I need to be another couple of minutes faster on the run to be selected end of Feb.


hmm supporting a TTer might be good motivation

it’s about 5 or 6 hours drive through Saudi, apparently the motorway has a 160kmh speed limit which would be cool except our little rented Suzuki probably doesn’t go that fast. So making us Land Cruiser fodder.

And unfortunately a 6 hour drive is my idea of actual hell so can’t see it happening


good luck :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: