2024 Races

I know 2023 hasn’t really started, but I’m already planning 2024. I will be entering Transalp mountain bike race next year, with a friend, Iain Matthews. As our average age will be 50, we will be going for a decent result in one of the world’s biggest mountain bike stage races.

Bit of a departure for me, will require a lot of downhill training :see_no_evil: However, excited for the challenge. If I don’t get onto TCR this year, I will probably start with a mountain bike stage race in May


I have Arc100 deferred until Jan 2024.



IM Lanzarote with my son
My 40th, his debut IM

Followed by triple IM Brutal, Yorkshire.

Or maybe the continuous Deca, if I can get support crew and get the mojo to train.


Still no family clearance for this BUT the Friday before IM France’s normal weekend in 2024 is a teacher training day. (Just a maybe for now - that long climb scares me)



Unless Messick oversells slots and rolls >50 year olds to 2026……:rofl:


Roth still as popular as ever, sold out in 40 seconds apparently.

Any takers?


I logged in at 10am (CET) exactly I filled in my details and hit submit (max 30s): I was too late

I wonder if Roth is now the “premium” race in the world after IM screwed up the WC


I got into Roth once, back before we had LO. I think it was within about 90 mins. Unfortunately Mrs FP was quite sick in the build up and needed a lot of support over a couple of months, so I pulled out.

Don’t regret it in the context of taking care of Mrs FP, it’s not even a decision but I doubt I’ll ever get another chance.


Can you still signup on site after the race for the next year?

Vaguely remember some PC’s at the expo with queues of people at them?

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Hi All,

I’ve luckily managed to secure a 2024 Roth entry. Can anybody recommend accomodation in Nuremberg (or elsewhere) that would help minimize stress with the registration and race day logistics?

I have done a few IM/Challenge events so am aware of what’s likely to be involved.

Thanks a million.


Great North 10k swim for me. Maybe Half X again if it’s still on, there was talk of this year being the last, or the organiser doing his last one.


I’ve got into Roth twice😅 It was when the triathlon in Heilbronn was a Challenge event. They would have a lottery for Roth and each time i entered I won an entry slot. I expect not many people entered. I never get the sense that Roth is this “must-do” event here.

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I expect so. That’s usually what anyone does here to get a slot. They just drive over in the morning.

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Congratulations on getting a slot - shame I didn’t get one, but won’t hold that against you :slight_smile:

I have done Roth twice, accomodation is always tricky. Both times I did it, I waited until a few weeks before and managed to get a room in the Dormero, right in the centre - There are often cancellations at the last minute as athletes are injured or feel that they lack the fitness to race. Staying in the centre is expensive, but also fantastic, you really get to experiece the atmosphere - runners pass right next to the Dormero twice, so if you finish quickly, it is a great location to come out and support the runners. Another, much cheaper option is the Qualitel Hipolstein, this is close to the swim start, and logistically is fine - last year I stayed here on Friday night and moved to the Dormero on Saturday.


Thanks a million for all the info! I will try to find some local accomodation.

And sorry to hear you didn’t get a starting spot. I’ve tried a few times in the past, but this is the first golden ticket!

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You could book a hotel which allows cancellation, at least have something booked, if you then find a local hotel, like the Dormero, becomes free later, just cancel your existing booking

Something strange is going on. Just received an email from Challenge Roth which said that after deleting duplicate entries, a number of spaces were available and would I like one. Naturally I completed my registration so I am now going to Roth

What happened, how did they get duplicates? The only way I could see this if peope had multiple PCs with autofill and different email addresses


great news :+1:

Temple Newsam Ten entered


Guessing it’ll be undulating?