2024 Races

Yeah, I guess so. Not done it before but walked around there a fair bit. No major climbs but there’s usually some huge puddles and that is where the race photographer waits.

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Just sniffing for 2024:

these look fun, anyone any experience of these?

or these:

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TC might have done the Northumbrian last year?

Geordieman as well?

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Northumbrian race looks interesting, might fancy the half there


I’m also interested in the ROC events but not done any to date.

Did the Northumbrian half in 2022. Great bike course, lush run through the Kielder woodland on well groomed trails.
However, be warned. The swim is bloody freezing!


Geordieman is back next year and there is Duathlon format as well



Just entered

I really need mountain races and they are becoming fewer and fewer… remember Coniston, Wensleydale, Ben Nevis with MTB blah blah blah. Looks like tri X not happening next year boo hoo, Celtman quite difficult to get into, so apart from Helvellyn, I think these 3 are the only ones with a big hill.


The ROC looks class :heart_eyes:
(Bike is flat!)

An absolute easy sell to the family, too.
As it’s the choice of Windermere or Abersoch (aka Cheshire-on-Sea :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:)

They’re not cheap though :exploding_head:
(Edit: All three for £700 :exploding_head: - after fees and day licenses)

Is Helvellyn still ~£80?
Amazing value if it is :muscle:t3::heart_eyes:


Was looking at Challenge races just now, and came across Challenge Wales; another race in my ‘home’ county of Pembs.

Was surprised at how cheap it was. Half the price of an IM, and they had just confirmed on their site that it was fully closed roads. Or road should i say, as it’s a big out and back that you do twice. Not so great for variety, but cuts down on cost and logistics i guess.


Is that new? never heard of it.

I think it was a private race and challenge took it last year or this?

Yeah that’s right. Think it was called Ocean Lava or something previously. Think it may have been Challenge for 2 years now. I remember Aaron Royle winning it a couple of years ago, and then Tom Bishop and Lucy Byram this year.

It’s far from flat, but on a rolling main road after a decent drag out of Fishguard. Looks like it’s a new version of the bike course, with just those 3 dead turns, pretty much all on the A487. So good for the navigationally challenged! :rofl: Looks like it’s a 95km bike though!

Looks like it would suit strength cyclists that can push up steady inclines in aero at a decent speed.

Run is 4 laps and far from flat as well. Initial flat section on the breakwater then up a decent hill up towards town, on the coast path, up again and then a steep drop back to the harbour.

Jesus, that’ll be windy!

Weird 1pm start as well!


Hadn’t picked up on the late start, wonder if you can register and rack the same day?

Yeah, looks like it.

That could be a swing in my favour if i fancied it. Do it in a oner with a couple of mates.

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Works quite well and you’d be done by 5:30 :sunglasses:


The reality is a bit different, as it’s 4hrs driving each way! I do like the look of the course, and being on closed roads is a bonus. But i think i may end up going for the local one in May instead. Will be easier to get some comapny from my 2 friends that are keen. Roads will be a bit crap, but it’s only 55 mins away from home.


I was wondering if you could include it with a family trip to see the grandparents :joy:

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking. But think Mrs GB has had enough of tri spectating for a bit! :joy:

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