2024 Races

But think of the time saved with disk brakes on your dead straight out and back course with no hills and a single turnaround…

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Good work @fruit_thief, more gold in the TT cabinet.


I feel like I’ve spent the last few months selling or giving away. Boxes ship next week so nearly there, but means my dream of last few weeks enjoying Adelaide/being out on the bike went down the drain.


so is that you done in Oz then @Chriswim ?

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… For now…

Give the UK 1-2 years and re-evaluate. I’d probably like to come back for good, but we’ll see.
We decided a very long time ago my Mrs wanted to at least try the UK again and be closer to family, so thankfully never really accumulated anything here either.


Do it before you have kids, otherwise you’ll get the clueless, never emigrated, childcare of Mum and Dad types shouting ‘how can you take them away from their grandparents’ :roll_eyes:


Perhaps, but NHS maternity pay and grandparent support would be very useful for a few years :thinking::sweat_smile:

Zero paid mat leave for us here.
Granted my salary is ~50-100% more than the UK so logically it easily covers that, but the principle still feels like a loss.

Obviously there are more important reasons to make a decision than that though.
Like whether I’m more scared of sharks or 80kg alligator-turtles


Sure but then you have to have ‘the conversation’ and that usually goes down like a shit sandwich.

Anyway, back to races :smile:


Aligator turtles. Just no.


you won’t be swimming in the lake district when you’re back then
Meet Fluffy the alligator snapping turtle found in Urswick Tarn, Cumbria - BBC News


Going to give the Half a crack.



Nice one - plenty of hill reps there and good prep for SDW

Just going for the stones? :rofl:

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Yeah it’s an odd profile, hilly for the first and last 15km with a lump in the the middle. The rest is flat beach or estuary path by the looks of it.

For the full distance they say there is always a 50% DNF rate and looking at the profile and breakdown I can see why.
The half folks get 13hrs to do 67.5km with 1,000 mtrs vert but in the full, you only get another 11hrs to do the same distance again but with another 1,700 mtrs of vert. So it gets a lot harder the further you go.

Looks like parking is a decent walk from HQ, so I might donate my stones to someone that gives me a lift back to my car :joy:
I’ve booked a hotel on Portland (not the prison!), there was a two night minimum and one single room left. It’s only about two hours from home but didn’t fancy driving back that late and I didn’t really want to stay in Weymouth.
Mrs FP and LO will be in Korea that weekend, so not missing any family time.



A random conversation with a buddy during a run on Fri may have just settled my season. A seed was planted, and seems to have taken root!

We’re doing this low key 70.3 in May together - his first tri. And now it looks like we’re gonna do my (other) mate’s North Coast 110 miler.

North Devon/Somerset coast in October. 3600m of elevation or so. And that includes a 20 odd mile section that’s pan flat around the Taw estuary!

I did the 110km version a few years ago and it was tough. Can get all sorts of weather too.

Idea seems pretty well planted. Looks like a summer of trail running and hills! :grimacing:


Outstanding that man👍 I’m going to finish the 110km this year, third time lucky🤞

I met someone you know at Burnham Parkrun but I don’t know his name. His partners name is Claire, I ran with her at NC110 and Norms. He has ginger hair.
They are doing Norms this year


110 miles :exploding_head:


Paging Fruity

Were you thinking of doing Swansea 70.3? Says there’s less than 150 places left.

Also just announced 70.3 Salalah which is only a short 1100 mile drive from you unless you go straight across the desert :joy:

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yes still thinking about Swansea, better decide i guess

need to figure out Summer travel plans generally

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GB started the 110km version 3hrs after the rest of the field and still beat most of them. :rofl:


Salalah is supposed to be lovely - a couple on our Oman trip last week went there for a couple of days before joining the group in Muscat.