2024 Races

I’ll pop a report, probably tomorrow on the Trail thread


I would guess as there’s an extra (longer time for the organisation, licences and helpers?) bike thrown in after the run, and maybe the last run after that? So the ROC is not just a SBR tri?
Or if I was a cynic I would say a good business idea, that realises that any tri Joe (and Joanne and they) will pay for the top UK mountains, second never gets remembered or known does it. Heck, I paid as I wanted to do all 3 having lost most of my hilly/mountain tris over the last 17 years or so… I’ve even paid for next year!


Yeah, I’m just annoyed as I want to do it … but don’t wanna fork out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’d like to enter the series, but would want to be “fit” first :white_check_mark::ok_hand:t4:


Forecast for Lakesman on Sunday looking fairly ropey - cold and wet, although at least not windy.

Any tips for doing these things in those conditions? I imagine the swim is going to be very cold.

My tri-suit has short sleeves and I was going to wear gloves on the bike (I hate wearing any kind of jacket while riding), and use my clip on mudguards to help with spray. And given I will be glacial in the run have a dry long sleeved running top to throw over in T2, and put on some calf sleeves. I wondered about having a full change in my run bag in case it was really miserable, or by that stage is there no point?

I’m guessing it not being hot helps with not getting dehydrated, but also imagine you can still get caught out cos you don’t feel you are sweating?


Arm warmers for the bike?

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That end of Derwent is quite shallow so might not be as cold.

I’ve got a long sleeve aero top for the bike but it doesn’t offer much insulation, I’m more for comfort so if it is cold and wet I’d layer up otherwise it’s a DNF :cold_face:

Getting completely changed for the run is a good idea if you’re doing the full? Running in proper kit is more comfortable.

Depends how long you think you’ll be out and if you can run? Walking will get cold so a jacket would be good and maybe even a buff?

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There is no full Lakesman at moment :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Couldn’t remember if this was the last year :man_shrugging:t2:

If it’s a half just run and keep warm :grin:


Good Morning :wave:t3: @clive (et al!)

So … I’m free that weekend and it’s close enough for a recce, as I see it’s only Newby Bridge :white_check_mark:
I’ve read the website, but can’t see anywhere about registration? And bag drops.

Is it Friday evening?
Or can you do it all Saturday morning?
I think I saw an 8am start time :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Found it :heart_eyes:

If for some reason you won’t be able to arrive until race morning then you will need to book in an emergency registration slot.


I can’t speak for the ROC England, but at the Welsh one we were encouraged to register & drop off mountain bags the day before. However it was possible to do this on this on race morning it just meant getting there a bit early as bags obvs have to be taken to the T2.

This info will be in a race email you should get. I say should as @Clive didn’t get his & I forwarded him mine the evening before.

EDIT: You found it :heart_eyes:


Thanks :white_check_mark:

I didn’t want to enter, then get an email three weeks prior saying “you need to be here before 4pm on Friday to register” etc etc.

Had a little think and I spend £225 on Nike trainers to go 30s faster over a meaningless, inaccurate 5km :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl:

Mainly, I’ve still got 2008-2013 prices in my thick ‘Ed. Inflation, blah blah blah, and it looks fun. I’d rather be “good” but I’m always gonna be crap at hills and off road running, so might enter for a bit of fun!!!


I know you like your slick transitions so feel free to ignore what I would do next time.

T1, rinse off feet with water & then put on tri/bike shoes. They’re now clean for the day…I also rinsed off some sea salt from head/face but not a worry for you.

T2, leave helmet/shades with bike, take bottles & run in tri shoes to the transition tent & ask helpers to fill. Helpers/marshalls were really good all day. They didn’t have energy drink at Wales so perhaps have powder or gels to squirt in bottles or have theses easily at hand on bike for return. Find a seat & empty the bag they gave you at registration which has your running vest/rucksac, run hat & fell/trail shoes. My shoes had socks in them that had been liberally vaselined inside the toe box. Put bottles & tri shoes in bag & hook it up…thank helpers.

I prefer soft flasks to hydration bladders but whatever you had it was easily hot enough on the day to take on 1ltr of energy drink. I also had a couple of gels before getting to the top knowing I would be concentrating on my foot placement on the descent.

T3, empty bag, swap tri shoes for fell shoes, stuff running vest, hat & fell shoes in bag hook it up, thank helpers & off to your bike with your bottles.

T4…normal T2 innit?

The mountain bag they give you to put your running vest & fell shoes in isn’t huge or particularly strong it was similar to those plastic transition bags you get at IM races, some found them a bit of a squeeze or tore them.


Made the start list for the World Series Para race at Swansea next Saturday. It’s a stacked race with all but one missing from the top 7 in the Para Olympic rankings but there’s a couple in there I should have a good race against.
Fingers crossed for a triathlon this year & the run leg not falling off :crossed_fingers:, It’s the same leg I had in Türkiye but I’ve made a few adjustments :hammer_and_wrench:.


Fully expect you to beat French fella out of the water this time & it’s unlikely you’ll be as sweaty at Swansea as you were in Turkey.

All the best tiger.


I was hoping to race the Australian that beat me at Türkiye as pretty confident I could repay the favour this time with no dramas on the run, he was on the start list a few days ago but has switched to Montreal a week later, probably because it’s a weaker field there.


will see you there mate - hopefully with better weather as you say


Good luck buddy! :muscle:

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Ah shit - another top athlete from TT is going to blast me in the placings… you’d think I’d get tired of this :rofl:

Seriously great news that you’re signed up and would deffo recommend a reccie. I’ve not biked that exact route before but have biked over most of those roads. Also did the run as half of the X ironman in was it 2019… all I remember were those never ending steps from the unfortunately named Stool End. I want to reccie it again perhaps soon. Waiting for a nice weather window (what year will that be then Clive :grin: ).

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That’s great news @Doka , look forward to hearing your report of a great day and performance, when everything goes right :partying_face:

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Good luck @Doka

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