2025 Races

Haha, jumping the gun a bit :joy:


There’s a half marathon from Copenhagen to Malmo across the Oresund bridge to celebrate its 25th birthday.

It’s just after my 55th and a couple of days after the GF is 50 so could market it as a birthday trip :grin:


You sugar daddy you :grin:


:joy: I’ve already registered my interest after my wife mentioned it looked like a cool place to visit - I recalled they had a race there before it opened, looked it up and saw the 25th anniversary race.

I won’t be as old as you @jeffb so you can have the M55 category to yourself…


Can you run in an echelon!? :rofl:


If it times right you could do the 70.3 as well :grin:

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expect you can wear whatever clothes you like


Hopefully men’s worlds will be back in Nice that year and with the lack of N.Am. interest even I could get a roll down :wink: I have a UK voucher to use by 2024 so 2024 IMW as the qualifier . sorted


I think if you turn up at Bolton next week and finish you’ll get a slot for this year!


Daughter will do her GCSEs in 2025, which means she will have finished when IM France is on so I can go. It’s a race I really fancy doing. Admittedly I may rethink that at about 30km into the run on the sea front, in the sun.


Yeah … erm … so … are there entries on Friday afternoon?

Asking for a friend who hasn’t ran over 6km in a year, or swam more than 1,200m in a year, too.


Fairly sure a couple of years ago they might have had very late entries. You could enter the day before at Maastricht if you were willing to pay more.

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i think it would be great if races didn,t fill or had and EOD or a couple of days before the event ,would be more expensive ,but it would have been better than the £100,s lost on a DNS

Unless it was a significant premium too many people would leave it late and the race would probably get binned?

Paging @buzz

Just had the email that entries open on 1st February but at midnight :flushed: I’m having FOMO so might get up :joy:

I have told the GF and do keep bigging up Copenhagen and Malmo :grin:

Edit: would love Denmark 70.3 to be the weekend before or after!


Going through the tunnel and then on to the bridge would be cool.

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Saw that. Not sure I can commit to a date in June-2025, but might throw €100 at it on the off chance - if I remember! Sounds like they are expecting it to sell out fast. The email says registration opens 12-midnight, the website 12-noon?

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Hopefully it is noon but I’ll check later. I think it will sell out fairly quickly though.

Is that "FIN"land ? :shark:

I’m out if so

ah hang on it’s Sweden isn’t it? that’s ok. carry on :smiley:

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I think the biggest underwater threats are Vlad’s subs :grimacing:


If there is water involved you have taken a wrong turn.