220 Triathlon Awards 2019

As voted for by us. A UK magazine with a couple of Kona winners thrown in there. :smiley:

Nike not in the top 3 run shoe bands.

Perhaps my ignorance. What has Louise Minchin done by way of outstanding contribution to the sport itself?

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You’d better hope there are no thin skinned Chester Tri members on here :open_mouth: :joy:

Or Ali Brownlee this year particularly (when compared to others)

Coach of the year for @Rooster there :+1:t2:

Why, what’s the score with Chester?

Not a fan of these things. it’s just a popularity contest, got enough “followers” to spout off to and you win generally. Well done to @Rooster though, if anyone deserves an award he does. Doing well as a coach and a great podcast.

Agreed. I did smile when I saw Simon Ward didn’t win.

When do I start piping up about 220 being a shadow of it’s former 80s/90s self?


I always find it odd when people come on forums, FB etc. asking for votes in these things.
“You’ve never met me in your life but please vote to say I’m the best coach or I deserve this sponsorship deal etc” - eh?

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It is a popularity contest. It looks to me like a list of the only people in the sport most people have ever heard of!

This did make me smile. I expect she is embarrassed to be up there with the great Tim Don.

She is a Chester Trier. I tried to find a picture in their kit but could only find pictures of her in her GB stuff :roll_eyes: .

Nike wasn’t even on the list.

They probably haven’t given the magazine anything; we all know these publications are in league with brands to provide favourable product placement/reviews.

yer wasnt there a list of the options you could vote for? I wonder how you go about getting on their list :wink:

Cyclist have also started putting multi-page promotional articles in now too.

the only magazine i still get is Pro Cycling. Its still very good, great photography and good writing. Does have a few new bike “adicles” though they are typically unaffordable machines i like to read about

As a celeb presenter and part time drafter she’s an “ honorary” member.

My mates a very active organiser / committee member.

Great that she’s bringing tri to the masses but how anyone would vote for her over Tim D is beyond me…

I didn’t vote.

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it was the Norseman she did this year didn’t she?

yep. Which is cool … but not really worthy of a national award

Not taking anything away from anyone who does Norseman because it is a tough race, but she got the white T-shirt. I think she should have got the black one to be worthy of a national award. :slight_smile:

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