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I’m kind of surprised Chris Rea hasn’t outsold Shed 7 given the years he’s been about, but they probably don’t class him as North Yorks.

Maybe he’s in limbo in Cleveland? :rofl:


Always have been :grimacing:

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The only (conceivable) reason Gary Barlow is bestseller round here is BECAUSE HE LIVES HERE!! So it’s actually him buying all his albums. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Is it not the best selling artist from each county???

That’s how I read it

But isn’t he originally Manchester just lives in Cheshire now. I need to go and check Wikipedia.

Oh no. He’s from frodsham :roll_eyes: that’ll be why then.

Just posted on my cycling WhatsApp group. Its been a tough day, and this was welcome relief

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One of my all time fave clips.

Whenever anyone is struggling (with anything in life) amongst my friends and I, someone will pipe up with the statement that ‘more cowbell’ is needed!


Apparently in the neighbourhood. I will go in search soon :joy::joy::joy:


Because its been that kinda day




Walking round town like a plain clothes weirdo!


Is it like Budleigh?

@Poet’s Poet jeans & haircut got a mention :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Absolutely … there are so many charity shops on our high street, that i’m 100% certain there will be wolf jumper wearing afficionados manning the tills!

Was that a Bargain Booze I spotted too?

Yep, deffo. We don’t have one of them here … way too low brow.

I’m not sure what’s worse.

The fact that I genuinely didn’t know there was such a thing as a wolf fleece. (seen the t-shirts)

or the fact that’s still a better song than half the crap I used to listen on Radio 2 on my commute. :laughing:

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I’d always thought that the only people who wear wolf fleece are those sad ol’ muthas who do boot sales

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