Age group qualification (sprint)

Hi all, male here new to the forum (and the sport), always enjoyed watching the sport but finally taking the plunge and starting to sign up for some events

My question is with regards to representing team GB for an age group (45+) and if over the years there was a rough rule of thumb qualifying time?

Aware it’s only top 4 places, within % of winner so will vary especially with each race differing in distance and conditions.

With regards to the sprint would the below potentially put you in the mix? Or still a bit off?

750m swim (sub 12)

T1 (1 min)

20k bike (sub 32)

T2 (30s)

5k run (sub 20)

Approx 105 mins

Ps. Fully aware of the amount of training people put in and dedication to the sport so not being a disrespectful newbie thinking can just turn up and go for a spot haha. Was more intrigued of the rough times required

Thanks for reading



I assume a 65 minute sprint (rather than 105) would see you in the mix.
Also depends where you were trying to qualify for. Eg if trying to qualify for Townsville in Aus I assume that will be a very unpopular trip from UK.


Think the sprint champs are draft legal now, so race dynamics will have a big impact on the time you need and your relative strengths.

@explorerJC will have all the details, and might be able to get you in for the right :dollar:


Here’s the results from the spint AG race M35-39 at Budapest 2010

Winner did 1 hour and change, only about 15 broke 65 mins. This was a flat course.

Maybe the bar has raised since then, don’t know, but back then 65 mins would have been a pretty safe qualifying time I think for M35-39, 70 and you might not though.


Long transitions there though, or did you have a little rest :joy:


Cant remember, it was so long ago & the brain is pretty shrunken these days :smiley:. Think it chucked it down though.

Just found the Bristol Harbourside Tri results on the BAD archive, I tried again to qualify for the sprint race in London as a M40 but 1h08 did not cut it. 1h05 would though. This was another flat course.

Edit, also just dug up the results of Grendon Sprint Tri which is where I qualified for Budapest. Non-standard bike distance ?23km but the splits were given as paces and mine were swim 1m30/100m, bike 39.6kmh, run 3m56/km. Think I was 4th M35-39 and 5 qualified.

One other thing I seem to remember, the first qualifying race had the fastest times but by the time of the last one, some of the faster folk had already qualified and did not start, so it was a little easier perhaps.

Good luck :+1:


Ha, your T2 was longer than T1!

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Looking at some recent results 65mins should be sufficient but ideally looking for 10-11 mins for the swim and sub 19 for the run. I’m in the same AG so have looked at the times posted and what would be need to Q

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I was 1:06 at Bristol in 2013 and just squeaked into the last qualification spot for M35-39


here’s the results from the recent Montreal Age Group World Champs for 45-49

this would have been a draft legal race

bear in mind some qualifier events are draft legal but most are draft illegal so bikes and skills will play an important part. you need different a bike setup for draft legal races


Seen a few draft legal sprints at Oulton park, people are running there balls out on that first run to get in the “ pack”

The speed on the bike was quite impressive, the last run looked beyond awful as some people had obviously over biked to stay with the group.

Good fun though … enjoy.

A 10 min 750 ow swim… yikes !


I did 65 at Bristol in 2013 in M25-29 and got in.
Did not get in with a 61 in Nottingham a few weeks earlier.

“Slow” run in Bristol, though. Bike was great. Swim was awful.


Same, 1:03 at Nottingham 2013 and 22nd in AG :see_no_evil:


Only ever done non qualifying sprints all non draft.

1:02 to 1:08 in shape a lot slower later in life.

All with pool swims 4-500 ms

1:13? Was my last race with a 500 ow swim.

What sort of time would a 55 year old need to be there or there abouts?!


have a look at the results page World Triathlon website - and search for World Champ events in Montreal and Lausanne as they are the most recent.

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Hopefully be a bit of decline… 1:05 with a 750 swim and getting a wettie off… strewth!

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You could always try and qualify in Cross Triathlon or duathlon. They take any old biffer that can ride a mountain bike.


Yep, so 65 mins is possibly the minimum standard, but the pace increases year on year.

A rough measure for men 35 - 55 is now sub 12, 30, sub 18 to be in the mix.

International event transitions tend to be looooong…so overall times can be longer…


Is that to qualify or win a medal at the world / euro champs ?!

25 mph bike into 6 min miles ?

At 55?



To be in the mix = in with a shout at medalling…

50-54 winner at Euro champs. Run course a little long…feed in and out of transition moderate pace on bike…

01:02:24 00:11:10 00:00:48 00:30:28 00:01:22 00:18:36