Alcohol free beer

I have been on the wagon since Kona night and am wondering about keeping it up for a while.

Think the key to success for me may be having decent alcohol free beer in the fridge.

Currently liking this Franziskaner weissbier. Anyone got any other recommendations?


I’ve always found the Erdinger they give away at races perfectly OK. The circumstances and “freeness” may have a lot to do with that, I admit.

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The calorie content of these beers is similar to actual beer.

I replaced beer with sparkling water flavoured with fruit and barley (no sugar) cordial my last time “on the wagon”…

…but I also developed a mild affinity (HINT: addiction) to Diet Coke. Which is great for you.

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The Guinness one is quite nice, nothing like actual Guinness but still nice.

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I find the Erdinger alkohol frei nice but very gassy.

Tend to avoid Becks blue.

Cobra, Brewdog Nanny State, Bud prohibition and Free Damm all taste ok

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Alcohol free beer is like Duathlon. The best bit is taken away.


Brewdog Nanny State is my favourite

Flat Tire is number two

The isotonic ones have quite a bit of sugar and thus calories

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We drink a lot of AFB. My favourite is the San Miguel 0% and least favourite is Becks Blue. Edringer is to chemical tasting for me.

Poet, not sure which AFB you are referring to but most of the ones we have are between 50-80 cal a bottle.

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I’m comparing wheat beers, as they still taste of something.
And they have calories from protein and carbohydrates.

The new, modern AFBs from BrewDog, et al. are much lower in calories (but I’ve not tried these, hence I did not know!)

There are 56 calories per unit of alcohol:

  1. Protein – 4 calories per gram
  2. Carbohydrates (including sugar) – 4 calories per gram
  3. Fat – 9 calories per gram
  4. Alcohol – 7 calories per gram (or 56 per unit)

Beer is fat free (YAY!)

Some of the DIPA/TIPA that I drink are close to 300 calories per 440ml :smiley:

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I went 7 weeks on tonic water ice and a slice. Seemed to satisfy whatever in my brain was craving alcoholic drinks. Never been impressed by the alcoholic beers but there are a few ultra low ones around like Brewdog nanny state which are ‘ok’.

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Both taste great. Nanny State is 27cals per 330ml can…

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Do Becks make any decent beer?

I was going to go for kissing your sister…

Must say I’m quite partial to an Erdinger or Franziskaner as a no alcohol choice of an evening. Who cares about calories right?

Always thought the Erdinger tri suit livery was quality - the light blue is nice and understated.

Did I mention the time I lived in Erding?

Tesco Bitter Shandy can hit the spot

Best thing about the Tri Relays In Nottingham. This year was really hot and there was a queue a mile long for the water fountain when you could get all the Erdinger you could drink for free without waiting at all.


I’ll be the judge of that…when comparing it to a nice hazy NEIPA this evening.

Also had to google that 27cals/330ml.
I thought you’d misread the label for the 100ml calorie content.
But you’re right.
That’s pretty astonishing!!!

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Do you keep your craft ales in the scullery? :relaxed:

Erm, yeah. In the drinks fridge. Obvs

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