And now for the gallery... ...what images have you got?

My CdlM was better, shorts & shades day :sunglasses:. I cycled over from Annecy & back via Albertville.

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ETA, both our pictures look as if we’re in front of a poster :joy:. Cracking backdrop.


My first multi-sport weekend in a fair few years this past weekend (hiking and cycling).

Two shots of the same view from opposite ends:

From the summit of Snowdon looking through the Nanttle pass towards the Llyn peninsula

From the furthest lake in the first picture, Snowdon framed by the Nanttle pass



Croyde. Not me in the water!


I’d be avoiding the Salcombe area tbh; overpriced and rammed in summer! But luckily loads of other options locally.


Highest point on tarmac in Wales, the Marchlyn Mawr reservoir

Not as high but should be on everyone’s list of things to do on the bike


Little bike to the coast yesterday eve. I reckon the bearded one, having given us a lovely Summer will unleash all manner of misery over Winter….making the most of it.


And you have a lap pool in the background! :grin:

Has someone stolen the sea, or did you go for a ride in the desert? :rofl:


I don’t know why you bothered going all the way to Yorkshire for a day out. There was a big billboard on Upper Richmond Road at the weekend that was advertising short breaks in Manchester :rofl:


As Basil said, the sea is over there between the land and sky….(very narrow strip).

That lagoon is like a beginners pool before people swim in the sea. It’s about 100m x 25m but does change size/shape after winter storms


Haha, I was thinking yesterday that we could be on for a winter of storms!


Daughter was married at Worcester Cathedral on Saturday. I only blubbed four times :slight_smile:


Nice! :clap:

Looks awesome … and congrats!


I imagine the acoustics were terrible there, no-one would hear you :smile: .

Congrats to the newlyweds :bride_with_veil: :person_in_tuxedo:

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Looks stunning! Congratulations to the Newly Weds :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

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Crikey that’s a venue.

Congratulations to the newly weds.

Blubbed 4 times?: 3 times overwhelmed by the emotion and joy of the occasion, and once when the bill hit :wink:


Thanks for the comments. Yes very very lucky to use the Cathedral .I believe that you have to get permission from the Arch Bishop of Canterbury to do so. My ex wife has been going for 30+ years so basically pulled a favour.

It was meant to be in one of the side Chapels but they suffered a lot of damage in the recent storms, so we were in the main nave. We entered by the West Gate which is a set of double doors; they are absolutely huge. As we approached the doors were closed shut. The vicar turned to me and my daughter and the two other members of the clergy and said ‘Has anyone got a key?’ Not sure whether that relaxed me or not.

As to the acoustics. Well the grooms family is from Wales so we had the ‘Bread of Heaven’ hymn and as we are England we had Jerusalem so a bit of a sing off really.

And as the cost of the day, well lets not go there. Worth every penny :slight_smile:


Yeah you did well. It’s pretty much impossible to get married in Wells Cathedral with some serious connections.

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