Annual Stats 2019

Maybe going a bit early on this but Mr Spooner’s post on another thread got me thinking so had a look at mine.
I’m currently on 90 runs & 188km of swimming for the year and would hate to finish just shy of a nice benchmark (OCD is the correct way to think - everyone else is weird) so maybe now is the time to check.

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Just pulling numbers straight from strava…

Swim: 97 swims / 51hr54 / 193,205m
Bike: 97 rides / 144hr56 / 3,583km
Run: 201 runs / 204hr11 / 2,627km

Kinda clear from those numbers that I’ve had a run focused year. I hadn’t realised I’d done exactly the same number of swims and rides until your post made me look!

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284 runs, 2463km, 215 hours, 33km elevation.

71 rides, 1493km, 63 hours, 16km elevation

26 swims, 34km, 14 hours, er… 0 elevation

Bike: 188 rides / 210hr34 / 5,486km / 46,250m elevation
Run: 121 rides / 129hr0 / 1,324km
Swim: 66 swims / 40hrs39 / 121,948m

Strava totals: Be wary of your warm up and cool downs either side of a race, as they’ll be classed as three runs (with the race)
Plus, if your record your main set in the same way @Jorgan does whilst swimming, then that’s two or three swims per session.
Cycling? That Zwift warm up and cool down is only really one ride.
Some of my swims as recorded as “other”, but here are my stats with some basic corrections:

Swims: 123 swims (actually 129) / 61hr30 / 215,196m
Bike: 153 bikes (actually 123) / 247hr29 / 6,451km 48,966m elevation
Run: 202 runs (actually 173) / 126hr14 / 1,546km 16,144m elevation

66 hours shy of 500 hours, which is what I did from 2010-2012.
Should do about 20 hours this month.
I want to hit over 200 actual days ran, everything else is just filler.

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Man, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. I press Start when I start and Stop when I stop! Some days if I’m feeling a bit “out there” I use the lap button too.
Ps. The only time I get multiple sessions is Brick workouts but they are different sports so I’m counting that.


Feeling quite pleased with these stats:

338 total
3,781 km (now got to break 4,000 km for the year!)
elev gain: 33,323 m (not sure if this is entirely right as think my garmin was a bit funny before got a 945 but don’t think its way off. I’ve completed every Strava monthly challenge of 2,000/2,500 m climbed)

Bike and running:
less haha


Hmmmmm… lets see how this years bias swings…
Main strava problem is double accounting splitting long rides into multiple sections and stitching together later… but probably only 500k out max.

Swim 0
Bike 145rides / 458hrs21min / 10,869.5km / 96,171m (majority by end of August)
Run 69runs / 89hrs58min / 908.3km / elevation I don’t believe cos garmin altitude is knacked


I actually set myself some arbitrary distance goals this year. 150,000 meters swim. 12,000 km bike and 1,200 km run. Bike distance is fairly standard swim/run distances are further than I’ve ever done in a year before.

Swim - 81 - 34h 23 min - 120,876 m
Bike - 386 - 412h - 11,648 km - 72,201 climbed
Run - 166 - 102h - 1,268 km - 4,019 climbed

Need to pull my finger out on the swim

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Rides: 347 - 285 hrs 35 mins - 4662 miles
Runs - 88 - 36 hrs 45 mins - 265 miles
Swims - 37 - 14 hrs 40 mins - 48,663 yds

Did have 2 months out after my motorbike accident, but pretty clear why my swims and runs were shit…

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Swim: 78 - 34h 28m - 123 km
Bike: 400 - 151h 48m - 3980 km - 38 km
Run: 362 - 191h 28m - 2276 km - 30 km

A lot of the bike activities were commuting. Hoping to do a lot more cycling next year.

137 runs, 1519km, 128 hours, 15km elevation.

283 rides, 10,049km, 330 hours, 121km elevation

85 swims, 168km, 71 hours

Yeah, I never really get why you’d do this :thinking:

The warm up / cool down thing for races is fair, but that’s a handful of runs per year. For any training run, I keep it all as one file.

Still getting used to TP. Any easy way to see this on there? All overly detailed, when all I want sometimes is just a simple log book, like the fitness report from garmin connect.

The stats I have:

Swim 60 swims, 48h19, 155.1km
Bike: 163 rides, 164h, 8840TSS
Run: 122 runs, 97h15, 877km, 5159TSS

I would say this is the real outlier Matt, and the thing you seem to be working at rectifying more recently based on your swim volume and posts on here.

As an example, in a year when I would consider I’ve hardly swam, I’ve still done more volume than you. Last year for example, when I did 1 full distance, I swam 330km.

Then again, I can see the point about ROI. Double the amount of time swimming leads to 10-15mins in a 3.8k swim. Would I get more back from that time spent cycling (given I’d likely only lose 5 mins or so on the swim now that I’ve somewhat banked some of that improvement) … quite probably.

Swim: 333k; 91hrs = 22%
Bike: 4364km; 205hrs = 49%
Run: 1179km; 99hrs = 24%

Strength being the other 5% of total time.
Would still like to see number of sessions though.

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It makes the hard stuff he does in the middle, or the longer set, easier to isolate/analyse.

Does it really though? It’s all split out in GC and TP anyway so long as you’re using the lap button to separate the intervals.

Agree with this from stenard @Matthew_Spooner although does look like recent swim work is paying off. Think getting swim proportion up towards 15-20% of training time has real benefits; more than ROI in terms of race time but overall CV fitness. On race day you hit the bike fresher, but generally day to day also better able to keep delivering session after session from doing whole body workouts, improved oxygen efficiency, and resting the legs so they’re able to deliver on the quality bike/run sessions.