Annual Stats 2019

338 runs…?!


Well done anyway!

Swim: 7, 6hrs, 14k
Bike: 249, 256hrs, 6900k
Run: 117, 91hrs, 1066k

Number of bike sessions over inflated due to Zwift races/ warmups. Have the intention of actually doing a tri or two next year, will need to up my swim game.

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I run most days. On race day I’ll have a few extra sometimes as WU and CD are recorded seperate so 3 runs in a day but there aren’t too many race days in a year:)

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…just what I’ve been saying for years :smiley:
Nice to have it vidicated by an actual swimmer

Although I’d never thought of this one!

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Sweet…we’ve not had 362 days in 2019 yet!

Same as my 386 bike rides!

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Might just be me, and may be bias, but I don’t think all “fitness” is equal, I feel I get more cross-over from being swim-fit. I know when I’m swim fit I can bike, run, play squash or join friends for any kind of activity reasonably well even if not done any specific training. I don’t think running for example necessarily benefits other sports the same way.

Purely speculation but wonder if that’s because swimming is whole body exercise, and need to control breathing. One for the more sciencey people to answer.

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Hah, good spot! It’s because I bike/run commute (and sometimes on my lunch as well).

that’s a lot of running :+1::+1:

+1 Old skool

Bike: 390 rides / 252h 18m / 4,452.0mi
Run: 237 runs / 163h 29m/ 1,286.2 mi
Swim: 63 swims / 28h 46m / 128,746 yd

Swim: 25 swims / 23h 56m / 68,461 yd
Bike: 46 rides / 137h 40m / 2,071.1 mi
Run: 206 Runs / 164h 28m / 1,105.4 mi

Main goal was to average 100 run miles a month and I’m right on that despite losing 4-6 weeks at the end of the summer with an achilles injury (luckily I was already a good bit ahead by then!)

Bike doesn’t include my commute which is 9 miles a day, so about another 2000 miles over the year

In respect of old skool, what are these latest two posts using yards and miles all about?! :upside_down_face:


Ha ha, I was just about to post the same thing.

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Bike: 2,403.0 km / 121h 18m / 223
Run: 175.5 km / 21h 6m / 28
Swim: 13,809 m / 4h 34m / 9
Wine Drunk: WAAAAAAAAYYY too much!

Dismal effort really. If it wasn’t for cycling to work I would have hardly anything.

Wont be hard to beat that next year.


Is posting your annual stats in December the equivalent of putting up your Xmas decorations in November?
Who started such a ridiculous thread anyway :thinking:


I’m due a count up…

Despite being MOP I”ll be near the top hours wise … hours wise.
Does circuits, boxing, weights and general gym shit count?

I’m interested to know which of S/B/R you intend to allocate them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll take that as a no then…

I’ve gone from top 10 % to back marker hours wise now I think…

Surely I can get away with the old S and C bracket for that lot?

For me

Running 1907K (including 85K & 65K ultra’s)
Cycling 4435K - really haven’t cycled much since Hamburg and the Wattbike sessions aren’t really accurate.

No idea about swimming, not much at all really.