Appetite to race next year - what will events look like?

I haven’t posted this in the general Covid thread as I wanted this to be specifically about events next year.

I’m keen to get racing again, and I’m waiting for entries to open up for Lanza 2021. I’ve done it twice already, and have been over as a supporter a few times, so it’s a given that I love the event.

What’s troubling me is how things will look next year. Specifically:

  • Fewer entries to enable maximum distancing between competitors
  • … leads to fewer crowds, therefore less atmosphere
  • Having to be largely self-sufficient with nutrition - not a huge drama
  • No pre/post event social activity - was never a fan of the pasta parties etc, but they definitely added to the experience for some people, so a more ‘clinical’ approach to event management might put them off
  • No expo/minimum expo with fewer independent sellers

So I’m anticipating the large-scale Ironman/CHallenge events will look and feel different. But will that be different enough to put people off? I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

My mindset is torn between just doing Lanza 2021 and enjoying(?) the experience whatever the shape/size, to maybe sitting it out and see if things settle in 2022…

I’m also going to be doing a few small scale local events to ‘do my bit’ to keep things ticking over, but really interested in what people are thinking re the larger, more international events. And Bolton/Wales.

I don’t think anyone will be able to answer this as it’s a long time between now and 2021 events (in N Hemisphere at least) and things can change quickly. and will they have settled down by 2022?? who knows???

IF restrictions are still in place, then yes, events will have a much different feel to them but until they happen, then nobody will know.

events are still planned for later this year so any that do take place will provide some guide on how they work on the ground so maybe see how they go and what the feedback is like before making any decisions.

we’re looking at our TO activities still for possible events so we also have a complete new learning curve to contend with.

I guess we’re all hoping things will return to “normal” but I suspect there will be a “new normal” as well and maybe timed starts will become the norm - IM had already started the process with age group waves, so this will take it that bit further. but social distancing during the event is going to be a very very tough matter to manage both for athletes and us TOs and EOs.

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no expo! sign me up for more covid if that’s the case. Having to go to the Marathon expo every year for London just to placate the sponsors trying to sell overpriced crap is not something I consider part of the ‘essential race experience’


Its an interesting thread. We usually have to sign up a year in advance, but this time without knowing what the heck we’ll be getting.

I have brighton marathon, Im not even sure I want a marathon next year let alone an increased risk of permanent lung damage…


Sadly the people paying for the race might…whats the point in sponsoring a race without any chance of sales I wonder. Could be less races overall.

I dont believe you have to, but are encouraged to.

I will be keeping it low-key I think.

I’ve transferred my Ironbourne entry to next year. It’s a year away, I’m sure things will be very different by then, or maybe they wont. I wont be looking to enter anything else I dont think.

EDIT - possibly I might look to do the cowman in august. It’s just up the road and a decent event. That’s a 70.3

I don’t think races would be viable under a much altered format…or the costs will have to go up dramatically…


i’ve done it a couple of times - a good event and a good crew…

Yeah, I’ve done it a few years back. Was supposed to do it last year but was sick.

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Maybe no drafting on the swim?! Hard to implement but it would be nice to give the swimmers a boost (it’s my best event so I would say that!).


Drones with cattle prods, job done.

Al triathletes must remain one triathlon box apart all all times…may help with sales… :slight_smile:


boxes still not allowed even under the new guidelines - phew!


That’s just completely boxist…

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Never been to the pasta party, and never intend to go
The only post event meal I attended was the 70.3 Worlds

It is pretty certain that next year there will still be a lot of Covid-19 around, however, it will probably be a constant flow of cases rather than a huge wave (there may be second wave this winter). People will be “living” with the reality of the disease being present, however, life will be returning to normal.

Races will be really full because so many races this year are postponed to next year. So Lanza, which doesn’t usually sell out will fill up quickly

I think that there will be a great post Corona atmosphere. Probably less supporters, but people will be rareing to go after a year off racing

Overall, it may me a strange year, but I think that it will be a special year too

I’d race next year, I have got 2 deferrals to race assuming they go ahead, one is in April in Texas and I’m a bit nervous of that actually going ahead, I’ll see if the race goes ahead in November before I get my hopes up.

I’ll still enter races where I think I’ll get some kind of refund but possibly hold off on travel and hotels until I have a better idea.

Also looking at a couple of races in Europe later this year, but not sure if they’ll happen.

Given all of the uncertainties around the covid situation, I think anyone booking any foreign travel more than a few weeks in advance is taking a big gamble. Nobody knows whether there’s going to be a 2nd (or 3rd) wave that will result in lockdowns here or in your overseas destination. You could easily find yourself stuck in a lockdown situation while you’re away or having to quarantine at one end or the other.

Triathlon is very friendly on the whole, but Ive frankly struggled to find the in-person social element to triathlon training and racing; pasta parties and awards ceremonies have seemed more like school discos than social events, so I wont miss them.

I think there was an opportunity to improve society, but it wont be taken and tourism, travel and racing will end up essentially the same.

I went to the pasta party at my first Iron Dist (Roth) and that was it. Never been to any of the after parties; they’re normally the day after anyway aren’t they, after Slot allocation?

Pasta party ? Before race day