Apple to Samsung

Considering making the jump from Apple to Samsung.

Has anyone else who is invested in the apple ecosystem made the jump?

Currently running Ipad Pro as my main Laptop. (staying as its awesome)

thinking of going from a iphone XS Max to Samsung Note 10+

Do it all via Google Drive and manual app downloads.

I went from an iPhone 8 Plus, to a Samsung A10, now back on an Xs.
I preferred the A10, as I could actually use the dual SIM card slot. The Xs one is an eSIM which currently only EE support in the UK :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_shrugging:t4:

Took about an hour switching over…took three hours to switch back to Apple.

FaceID is awful and having the card pop up your screen isn’t great either. Google Pay is better (didn’t test the £30 limit thing)
Having to raise my phone to unlock it from my desk is irksome, or type in my PIN :face_vomiting:

My colleague has a Galaxy something with in-screen fingerprint tech, which isn’t great. Though FaceID does unlock and go straight to the home screen, which seems better.

Also, Android wouldn’t work with Apple Watch, so :man_shrugging:t4:

Google Pixel for me and i’ve used Google pay for stuff over £100. it’s up to the vendor.

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i hadnt considered apple pay, which i use a lot, was aware on the watch, was thinking of moving to a garmin anyway for training.

I’ve got a Samsung A50 coming today to see if I can make the switch from Apple, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Samsung pay should be better than Apple Pay because you can use it on anything that accepts a magnetic swipe of the card.

Let us know how you get on with the in-screen fingerprint.
I do like how the Face ID unlocks it and opens at the same time.
But it’s a bit large

I’ve got an S10, the fingerprint is ok but not as reliable as the HTC U11 i had before that worked every time but had a proper sensor for it, not screen. Not had a major issue, just sometimes needs two or three attempts. Havent tried the face recognition stuff though.

So far so good. Fingerprint isn’t as reliable as my old iPhone but it’s not far off. Face ID seems to work pretty well

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I’ve been with Apple since forever now and have a couple of times considered jumping ship to a Samsung, but after a few mins messing around with the wife’s Galaxy it always reminds me that I dislike android and I stay with Apple!

The fake dual SIM in the XR/XS has pissed me off.
Only EE currently offer it as an eSIM.
My work phone has an actual dual SIM slot, so I was using that Samsung A10 perfectly for business and pleasure.

Having only one phone makes life super simple.
When you team that with an Brisant Ultion door lock and Curve card, you can leave the house with just your phone :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:

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We’re all over the place in our house. We have a:

Dell Laptop
MacBook pro
iPad Mini
ThinkPad (work)
Samsung Galaxy Plus (yes really)
iPhone SE
A VF branded ZTC Android

None of these are connected to each other, we have no cloud on any of them and zero syncing. Back up on the MacBook is via an external HDD (same for the Dell but different drive).

I work in the industry but at home, I’m a bit of a cave dweller.

eSIM is a load of shit until some other providers start using it.

I’m walletless now, just phone and my gym card tucked under the case as it’s the only thing I can’t get an app for

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Front door key and car key on your phone, too?

You Apple types are so set in your ways! I’ve had 3 different brands of Android in a row… adapt improvise and overcome :wink:

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I’ve dabbled with Android, flicked over everything.
Even debating going back due to the dual SIM nonsense on iPhones (some Androids also have this issue)
But my cut price Apple Watch is coming next week…:see_no_evil::joy::speak_no_evil:

My issue is my contract comes up next month. Currently on EE. I travel to turkey a lot so I’m tempted by Voda as they cover Turkey free under data allowance.

But if i stay or go for the new iPhone i cant use the dual sim as mentioned above,

I could move to the samsung and go dual sim. But the Note 10+ 5G is single sim only

Weirdly I was just reading about this the other day. As a total banker, what’s your take on it @Poet? Gimmick, worth it, insecure, fine?


I use Revolut, brilliant for those who travel

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