Apple Watch Series 5

Can this replace my trusted and brilliant Garmin Forerunner 920XT?

The benefit of going out for a run with just my watch sounds massively appealing.

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I’m confused, what stops you doing that with the 920XT?

I think the 920XT was the last of the “not a normal watch” garmins. The 935 and 945 are ones you wear all the time.

I work in IT and think I know best so I hate Apple products.

I have a Fenix 5 and it is great using the watch you have on all the time.

I’ve worn it as a normal watch for well over two years :man_shrugging:

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Stupid me. Was thinking about the 910XT. Carry on.

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Yeah, 910XT. That’s the one.
I can’t listen to music from it, but it does get text messages.

I wouldn’t wear my Garmin as a daily watch, it’s far too bulky.

Really? The 935/945 isn’t that bulky tbh; certainly not as much as your average gents ‘dress’ divers/sports watch.

OK, 910XT / 920XT are bulky to wear as watches, but you don’t need an Apple Watch to have an everyday watch that does swim/bike/run.

As most reports I’ve seen highlight, it’s actually pricing the Apple Watch 3 at $199 that is the biggest Garmin/Fitbit killer. If you want to connect power meters, stryd, hrm, etc, you still need a dedicated sports watch.

Yes, I was just about to ask about Apple Watch functionality for (multi)sports metrics. I just use my 935 for everything (and only add an Edge 520 for my non-commute rides); and it gives all the data.

I can’t see the Apple matching that.

No, De Ville or Constellation are a nice slim dress watch.
The sports/divers watches are too gauche.

Anyway…yes, it’s for a Garmin Killer.
And also to wear whilst at work.

HRM and Power meters are BTE, so I can’t see how I Couldnt connect these up via the App Store?

The new 5 series can do swim metrics, too.

In which case you definitely have the 920. The 910 was the last non-smart, not always on, Garmin 9xx series.

In the same way that Garmin don’t allow the vivoactive to have an open water swim mode, multisport modes, or connect to power meters. Apple just havent enabled the functionality. Apparently there is one app you can install for power meter support according to DCR, but it needs a, quote, “super expensive” monthly subscription.

Ultimately, for me, I want a watch that tells me the time, and a training watch. After about 3 days of having the 920, I turned off all the smartwatch notifications. They got annoying. My phone is good enough and always on me.

I also don’t get how you can think an apple watch looks anything like either of the above. Those are smart, attractive watches. An apple watch looks like an apple watch, and ultimately I think looks crap. I certainly wouldn’t think wearing it over a Garmin makes a wearer look “smarter” or more professional. I actually think Garmins are the complete opposite of “gauche”. Anyone who doesnt know what they are will gloss over them, yet if I see someone else wearing one in a meeting, it tells me they are more than just a suit. But I guess that’s all personal.

Battery life in GPS mode probs isn’t too good in comparrison to a Garmin.

Basically da Boiz is sayin’ Apple for show, Garmin for a Pro :man_shrugging:


What about if someone’s wearing a CWC divers’ ?

I guess that’s my point. I wouldn’t have known what one of those was if I hadn’t just googled it. So I would just see a person wearing a watch. I don’t look at watches and think anything really, other than seeing someone in a gps watch, and being able to infer they run/SBR.

I certainly wouldnt see someone wearing a particular type of watch and equate that to being “socially awkward”.

I have two fancy ‘those that know’ watches, but I almost never wear them…it’s the 935XT 24/7 now :roll_eyes: (they have me hooked). It’s not that I’m minted, I got one tax-free and the most expensive one my wife got at ‘cost’ as she was an account manager for the brand back then :sunglasses:

Only thing I dont like about wearing the Fenix 5 all day is it’s very chunky. I had an interview at week and to take it off because it wouldn’t fit under my shirt cuff.

The 935 is the same watch in a small case. Probably should have got that.

That’s the main reason the fenix series doesn’t appeal to me at all. They’re not insignificantly heavy. I ultimately wouldn’t want to run with it on my arm. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a reason why the fenix line is developed by the Garmin “outdoor” department, largely focused on hiking and expeditions, and the much lighter forerunners are developed specifically for fitness.

So, like the Vaporfly, you’ve now got me interested in the new Garmin line up, with all of the functions…

Yeah. I dont notice so much running but then I’m a massive unit anyway.

Its day to day its bulk gets in the way, putting my rucksack on it gets caught on the strap etc.